List of elected candidates - 2016 Election

Updated 9 Nov 2016

The following candidates, in order of election, were elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly as a result of the poll held on Saturday, 15 October 2016.

ElectorateName and party
BrindabellaAndrew Wall - Canberra Liberals
Mick Gentleman - ACT Labor
Joy Burch - ACT Labor
Mark Parton - Canberra Liberals
Nicole Lawder - Canberra Liberals
GinninderraYvette Berry - ACT Labor
Vicki Dunne - Canberra Liberals
Elizabeth Kikkert - Canberra Liberals
Tara Cheyne - ACT Labor
Gordon Ramsay - ACT Labor
KurrajongAndrew Barr - ACT Labor
Shane Rattenbury - The Greens
Elizabeth Lee - Canberra Liberals
Steve Doszpot - Canberra Liberals
Rachel Stephen-Smith - ACT Labor
MurrumbidgeeJeremy Hanson - Canberra Liberals
Bec Cody - ACT Labor
Chris Steel - ACT Labor
Giulia Jones - Canberra Liberals
Caroline Le Couteur - The Greens
YerrabiMeegan Fitzharris - ACT Labor
Alistair Coe - Canberra Liberals
Michael Pettersson - ACT Labor
Suzanne Orr - ACT Labor
James Milligan - Canberra Liberals