Voting systems

Updated 1 Apr 2020

There are many different types of voting systems in use around the world. For a brief description and comparison between the main voting systems in use in Australia, view this document (pdf - 75 kb).

A good voting system:

  • provides for frequent elections;
  • is based on procedures that are user-friendly;
  • allows for all adults to vote, without prejudice against individuals or groups;
  • has clear and accepted laws about voting;
  • is based upon a secret ballot;
  • has a clear and accepted process for counting votes and deciding on a winning candidate;
  • incorporates 'one vote, one value';
  • has results based on majority rule;
  • provides freedom from false, misleading or unfair influence on voters; and
  • ensures elections are administered in an impartial way.

More information on different voting systems can be found on the following sites: