Customer Commitment Statement

Updated 8 Apr 2020

Message from the Electoral Commissioner

The ACT Electoral Commission is committed to providing services to the community which ensure free, fair and democratic elections. In order to ensure our services are of the highest quality the Commission strives to meet high level performance targets and to achieve best practice for all its work.

This Commitment to Service Statement aims to provide an outline of the services the Commission provides. The statement also gives details about how you can contact us.

I would welcome your feedback on any of our services.

Damian Cantwell AM
Electoral Commissioner

Who we are

The ACT Electoral Commission, an independent statutory body, is responsible for conducting elections and referendums for the ACT Legislative Assembly and for providing electoral advice and services to a wide range of customers. The Commission is also responsible for the redistribution of electoral boundaries between elections.

The Commission consists of a Chairperson, an Electoral Commissioner and a third Member. The Commissioner is the chief executive of the Commission and is assisted by permanent and temporary staff members.

ACT Electoral Commission's corporate plan:

Our vision

An ACT community actively engaged in a strong, inclusive and trusted democracy.

Our purpose

To deliver independent, innovative and accessible electoral services to the ACT community.

Our Values

Our everyday behaviour will reflect our values of:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Inclusiveness
  • High quality service delivery
  • Impartiality
Our objectives
  • Conduct fair and open elections and referendums
  • Provide high quality electoral information, education, advice and services
  • Employ efficient and accountable governance and business support systems
  • Foster a strong and positive values based culture for our workforce

Our customers are

  • ACT electors
  • The relevant Minister
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly
  • Political parties and election candidates
  • ACT Government Service Agencies
  • The media
  • Students
  • Special interest groups
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

We are here to

  • conduct elections and referendums for the ACT Legislative Assembly that are:
    • easily accessible for all electors
    • fair, open and democratic
    • timely and efficient
    • cost-effective for the community
  • provide electoral roll information in a readily accessible manner
  • assist and encourage ACT electors to understand the ACT's electoral system and to understand their rights and responsibilities as electors
  • ensure that the Government, the Minister and the Assembly are fully and appropriately informed on electoral matters in a professional manner.

What you can expect from us

Elections and Referendums for the ACT Legislative Assembly

The Electoral Commission will supply:

  • polling booths across the ACT on polling day
  • early voting and postal voting facilities for each election and referendum
  • mobile polling teams to visit hospitals, nursing homes and prisons
  • wheelchair access at some polling places and at the Commission office itself
  • a telephone and email based information service
  • accurate printed electoral information prior to polling day, free of charge, to each householder
  • accurate electoral information in a format suitable for persons from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and for people with print disabilities
  • election results generally within two weeks of polling day
  • a regular review of the electoral legislation after each election.

Electoral roll information

The Electoral Commission will:

  • ensure that regularly updated electoral rolls are available for viewing in the office of the Commission between 9 am and 5 pm business days
  • ensure that electoral enrolment forms are available from the Commission's office during business hours
  • provide electoral roll information to MLAs, within their entitlements, in paper and/or electronic form as requested and in a timely manner
  • forward all electoral roll changes to the Australian Electoral Commission for processing promptly once they are received from electors.

The Electoral Commission will look after personal details in accordance with the Information Privacy Principles of the Information Privacy Act 2014

Electoral information and education

The Electoral Commission will:

  • provide a courteous and informative public information service (telephone, email and counter) between 9 am and 5 pm on business days
  • respond to all correspondence within 2 weeks
  • provide printed matter on the Hare-Clark electoral system, elections for the Legislative Assembly and the Electoral Commission
  • provide change of enrolment forms
  • refer you to contacts in the Australian Electoral Commission and other State electoral authorities for electoral matters falling outside our jurisdiction
  • provide early voting facilities for interstate elections
  • provide electoral information in a variety of languages.

When statutory obligations and resources permit, the Commission will:

  • conduct mock elections for educational and community groups
  • conduct elections for prescribed authorities
  • conduct fee-for-service elections for non-profit groups
  • conduct information sessions on electoral matters as requested.

Advice to Government, the Minister, MLAs and the Assembly

The Electoral Commission will:

  • ensure that all requests for electoral information and/or advice from the Government, the Minister, the Speaker, MLAs and the Assembly are responded to fully and in a timely manner
  • contribute to Assembly Committee proceedings as appropriate
  • maintain its knowledge base through ongoing research into electoral issues
  • review the electoral legislation after each election and advise the Minister and the Assembly of any recommended changes
  • advise the Government, the Minister and the Assembly on any electoral matter that the Commission determines appropriate.

Measuring our performance

Our service performance is measured by exit polls at Legislative Assembly elections and by ongoing monitoring of other services. Details are published in our annual reports and our reports on the election.

The Electoral Commission will provide an explanation if we do not meet the standards outlined above.

What we cannot do for you

We cannot give out electoral roll information over the telephone other than your own, or sell you a copy of the electoral roll.

For further information

Electoral information may be obtained from the Commission office on Level 6, 221 London Circuit, Canberra city, ACT (open 9 am to 5 pm on business days) or by phoning the Commission's information line 6205 0033 or by visiting the Commission's Internet  site at

The Commission has variety of resource materials (including maps of the electorate boundaries) that can, where means allow, be supplied free of charge to electors.

If things go wrong or if you have a suggestion

Complaints and suggestions can be made by contacting the Deputy Electoral Commissioner. Freedom of information requests may also be directed to the Commissioner. Contact details are here.

How you can help us

Please always keep your electoral enrolment up to date. If you are happy or unhappy with our service, please let us know.