Candidate statements - Brindabella

Updated 2 Oct 2020

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Laura NUTTALL (The ACT Greens)


I think everyone in our society deserves to live with dignity, and trust that the government will look after their basic interests. This means a home; this means secure employment. This means reliable public transport, proper support for carers and vulnerable people, and genuinely accessible infrastructure in both current and future developments. It means support for the LGBT+ community and other socially vulnerable groups.

Unfortunately, while we are lucky enough to live in one of the wealthiest cities in Australia, these benefits are not shared by people sleeping rough. Our infrastructure is still hostile to people with disabilities, and doesn’t cut it for vulnerable people like carers, single parents and the elderly. It took until this year to ban gay conversion therapy.

I’m running with the Greens because as a party not bound to corporate donors, a party that allows conscience votes and believes in progress, we’re ready to put the interests of our constituents before profit and corporations. I’m ready to fight to improve homes, jobs, public transport, the environment and more. Through good policy and genuine community consultation, the Greens are here to champion a progressive voice in Tuggeranong.

Authorised by Clancy Barnard for the ACT Greens

Jane HIATT (Canberra Liberals)

No information provided

Andrew WALL (Canberra Liberals)

No information provided

Jacob GOWOR (Liberal Democrats)

Jacob is a member of the ACT Liberal Democrats Executive and is your candidate for Brindabella.

He is an accountant by trade and has worked across a range of Commonwealth agencies as a public servant and consultant. He is held in high esteem by his professional peers as a big-picture thinker and problem solver.

Jacob’s family moved to Canberra when he was four and he went to Monash primary school, Marist College and subsequently graduated from the ANU. He was a keen chess player for many years and competed nationally. He enjoys skiing and soccer.

Jacob feels that the government should spend far less time in our wallets and telling people how to live their lives. Disillusioned with so-called “progressive” parties that take his community for granted, he was delighted to find that the Liberal Democrats offer an option for those who are socially progressive but believe in smaller government.

- Written and authorised by Jacob Gowor, Canberra, ACT, 2601

Jannah FAHIZ (Animal Justice Party)

Jannah FAHIZ

Party: Animal Justice Party
Electorate: Brindabella

Photo by Dark Arts Photography

Description of platform and policies:
Animals need protection. We live in the Bush Capital but we neglect our wildlife. It’s time that we live in harmony with non-human animals and care for our environment. Canberra is known for the beautiful Australian nature reserves filled with gum trees and native wildlife. It is important that we preserve these areas and all who live within them so future generations can also enjoy what we have today. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we must review how we treat certain species and that we should have more respect when interacting with all beings. It is not too late to change our ways.

I was born and raised in ACT and have always had a passion for helping other people as well as wanting to care for animals. Each year, it becomes more and more urgent that we act in kinder ways to the Earth and all beings who live upon it. I wish to see a community who chooses compassion over greed. This election, I will be running for a seat in the Brindabella region. Please vote 1 and 2 for Animal Justice Party and help us create a kinder Canberra.

Authorised by Jannah Fahiz, Animal Justice Party ACT

Andrew CLAPHAM (Sustainable Australia - Stop overdevelopment. Stop corruption.)


Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community party from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in an evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right ideology.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That is, operating within our environmental limits.

Unfortunately, due to unsustainable growth in human consumption and population, we are now compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To address this unsustainable growth, we need to ‘think global, act local’.

It’s time to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption.

If you vote for Sustainable Australia candidates (1 and 2) before other candidates and parties, you will send a clear protest message to all politicians that you want a truly sustainable ACT. A vote for Sustainable Australia will flow through at full value to your next preferences if we are not elected.

You can find further candidate details under ‘Elections’ on our website:




Authorised by John Haydon, Sustainable Australia (ACT)

Johnathan DAVIS (The ACT Greens)

Johnathan DAVIS

Born and raised in Canberra, I have proudly called Tuggeranong home for more than 17 years. I was educated in Tuggeranong public school, I learnt to drive on Tuggeranong roads, I had my first job at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome (I’ll struggle to call it South.Point) and last year I bought my first home right in the Tuggeranong Town Centre.

I’m so proud to live in Canberra. A city that celebrates diversity and inclusion. A city that is tackling the climate crisis heard on. But, as our city continues to grow and prosper, I feat that Tuggeranong risks being left behind. We need a new generation of leadership that is prepared to stand up to vested special interests, prepared to stand up to their own parties and put the needs and aspirations of their community front and centre of the political agenda.

Tuggeranong should be a place where we all benefit from a progressive government and have opportunities to live, work, learn and play.

Instead, we’ve been left behind while the rest of Canberra develops.

Crumbling neighbourhood infrastructure, cancelled bus services, oversized classrooms and dodgy development prove that our current Brindabella representatives are out of touch with what matters to our community. That’s why the Greens have a plan to:

  • Open the first ever Electorate Office in Tuggeranong, making it easier to meet with your MLA and get things done
  • Fix and upgrade our crumbling parks, playgrounds, footpaths and street lights
  • Increase Tuggeranong’s bus services and install more bus shelters
  • Champion a Canberra-wide light rail network with express services connecting Tuggeranong to the Canberra Airport, Gungahlin, Belconnen and the CBD
  • Invest in education to ensure our schools can meet the demands of our growing community.

If elected, I commit to working my hardest every single day for Tuggeranong families, Tuggeranong businesses and Tuggeranong people. Simply, I’ll put Tuggeranong first.

Authorised by Clancy Barnard for the ACT Greens

Sue ELLERMAN (The ACT Greens)


I’m a health educator and counsellor and worked in community development with a particular focus on housing for more than 20 years.

I’ve lived in Canberra since 1967 and moved to Richardson with my three sons in 1989. And now with grandchildren as well, I’m heavily invested in making a better world for future generations.

I was told about the science of global warming or climate change in the mid 1970’s; not many people had heard of it back then, it terrified me. That’s why I’ve been actively involved in Green politics from the beginning and why I’m running in this election.

These days we are all too familiar with some of the impacts of the climate crisis; heatwaves, bushfires, storms, floods, insect populations plummeting by about 70% and so much more. We simply must turn this climate crisis around and the Greens are the party with the knowhow, the commitment, the track record and the freedom from corporate vested interests to get the job done.

The Greens will get Canberra to net-zero emissions and show the rest of Australia what real climate action looks like. We’ll address our climate, housing and economic crises together to build a better normal for all of us.

Authorised by Clancy Barnard for the ACT Greens



Public Health. Public Education. Sports, Arts and Footpaths.

I want to change the conversation about Tuggeranong. When Libby and I had a choice to move somewhere our young family could enjoy every chance in a beautiful place, we chose Tuggeranong. I want to persuade every family looking for a new home to choose Tuggeranong too.

I will be the Labor representative you call with a question or a suggestion. I will tell you what I know, what I don't know and what I'm going to do about it. I promise you honesty and effort. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am motivated to maintaining decent access to public healthcare, promoting public education in Tuggeranong - not just protecting it, and renewing sports facilities and arts opportunities for our community. And just better footpaths.

When I was an ACT Labor Candidate for Brindabella in the 2016 ACT Election, many residents told me they felt Tuggeranong missed out. So in 2017 I recruited a big team of volunteers and founded Shakespeare by the Lakes, which opens in Tuggeranong Town Park every summer and is enjoyed by thousands of Canberrans, for free.

I believe I’m the best choice to represent you and our community because I can help renew Tuggeranong with a fresh voice, new ideas and new leadership in the next ACT Labor Government

CAMPAIGN PHONE 0479 068 052



Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Joy BURCH (ACT Labor)


Before being elected to the Legislative Assembly, I worked as a nurse and small business owner, gaining experience in the health care, childcare and education sectors. Since then, I have used that experience and understanding every day while representing my electorate of Brindabella and seeking the best outcomes for Tuggeranong residents.

I first ran for a seat in the Assembly in 2008 and not a day has gone by that I haven’t believed this is a job worth fighting for. I have been proud to be part of a team who has been at the forefront of significant cultural and historical change in our great City.

Within the Assembly, I have had the privilege of being a backbencher and a minister, I have worked on important committees oversighting significant legislative decisions, and I have spent the last term of this Assembly serving as Speaker. My first and favourite job, however, has been representing Tuggeranong.

I am proud to have advocated for a range of local projects such as renewal of Tuggeranong Town Centre, new health and support services for children, families and those in need, green bins and bulky waste collection, a STEM Centre at Caroline Chisholm School and improvements across our schools, bringing CIT to Tuggeranong, Kambah shop upgrades and a renewed adventure playground, more firefighters, police and paramedics, expanded space for Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club, cleaning up Lake Tuggeranong and creating rain gardens.

I am very proud of the work I have been part of to ensure Canberra remains a leader in fighting climate change and being powered by 100% renewable energy. As a former nurse I know firsthand the importance of having access to quality healthcare and health services and I will always advocate for improved outcomes in health. I am passionate about improving access to education and employment and I know now more than ever it is essential that we have a strong economy to support our city’s recovery and growth from Covid-19. There is always more to do, and I remain committed to doing this work.

Tuggeranong is a fantastic place to live, work and play. I’m proud to be part of this community and proud to be working in the ACT Legislative Assembly as a voice for Tuggeranong.




Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Mark PARTON (Canberra Liberals)


Mark Parton Candidate Statement

I arrived in Canberra in 1999 in the belief that I would be here for 6 months on a short-term contract. 20 years later and here I am.

I love this place. I love the community, the big blue skies, the wildlife, the beautiful natural landscape and I even love the weather.

During my 20 years here, I've helped to raise kids, I've worked on the radio, I've run a successful small business, I've coach junior football, ridden thousands of kilometres on the bike and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

My family has settled in Tuggeranong and I feel a particular affinity to the valley. When I'm describing Tuggeranong to outsiders, I tell them that "this is the place in Canberra that's most like the rest of Australia." It's full of hard-working people who have a very clear vision of what's important to them. Many perceive that the current government is completely disconnected from their values and their way of life. Tuggeranong has been forgotten and left behind by this Labor/Greens coalition in so many ways.

Canberra is one of the best cities in the world, but it could be so much better. Over the last 10 or 15 years it's become much more unaffordable to be a Canberran. Housing supply restrictions have made things much more difficult. The Canberra that we once knew is changing. This Labor/Greens government has made an artform of spending your money wastefully and we're not reaping the benefits. Taxes and charges keep on going up, but we're not getting the benefit.

I want to make Canberra...and Tuggeranong the best place to live, work and raising a family. The Canberra Liberals will be freezing your rates for the entire term, reducing car registration costs and delivering more gap-free GP's to save families hundreds of dollars every year. We will deliver better educational outcomes and halve the elective surgery waiting times as well as focussing on emergency waiting times.

We'll be planting a million trees and delivering 1200 affordable and social dwellings to the market through community housing providers.

The time for change is now and I'm asking for your #1 vote. Please vote 1 Mark Parton and 2 to 5 in the Liberal column.

More information:


Authorised by Josh Manuatu for the Canberra Liberals

Bruce WILLETT (Sustainable Australia - Stop overdevelopment. Stop corruption.)


Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community party from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in an evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right ideology.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That is, operating within our environmental limits.

Unfortunately, due to unsustainable growth in human consumption and population, we are now compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To address this unsustainable growth, we need to ‘think global, act local’.

It’s time to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption.

If you vote for Sustainable Australia candidates (1 and 2) before other candidates and parties, you will send a clear protest message to all politicians that you want a truly sustainable ACT. A vote for Sustainable Australia will flow through at full value to your next preferences if we are not elected.

You can find further candidate details under ‘Elections’ on our website:




Authorised by John Haydon, Sustainable Australia (ACT)

Brendan FORDE (ACT Labor)

Brendan FORDE

I’m proud to be running as a candidate for Brindabella in the 2020 ACT election.

Tuggeranong is a great place to live. We can make it even better. I’m committed to the revitalisation of Tuggeranong, to working with businesses and local groups to make sure that we have the best community possible. Talking to locals over the course of this campaign, I know how important great local services are. I’ll continue to support these, while representing the people of Tuggeranong as their active local representative.

I’m a Tuggeranong local. I grew up here and went to school here. I’m a graduate of the ANU. I live in Isabella Plains with my wife Sophie, son Emmet and baby daughter Eliza.

During this pandemic and economic crisis, it’s never been more important to have a government which prioritises creating and keeping jobs. I want to be part of the team which leads Canberra out of this terrible recession. Working as a union organiser, I fought to keep local jobs as this economic crisis first hit. I want to bring this experience to bear within the government. I want to make sure my children have the three things they need for a happy life: good healthcare, a world class education, and a good quality job.

If I am successful, I look forward to working for you in our Legislative Assembly.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or issues you would like to discuss with me.




Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Jason POTTER (Australian Federation Party Australian Capital Territory)


Hi, I am the Federation Party ACT’s candidate for Brindabella. Canberra is my hometown and I am a
passionate Canberra fan. My goal is to truly represent the people of Brindabella, by listening to you
and developing our polices based on your needs and aspirations, rather than trying to convince you
of how brilliant our plans are, like most political parties do.

I grew up in a large family, and I now have a large family of my own. When my family moved here in
1987 (I was 14) the city was well maintained, safe, with large green spaces in every town centre and
it really was the Bush Capital. The schools were excellent, the lifestyle was relaxing and our town
centres were growing.

The past couple of decades of self-government have not left our city in the same state as when I arrived. Our roads are declining, our health system is below standard, our green spaces are shrinking and the cost of living in Canberra has skyrocketed, this has especially been true over the past 19 years of seeing the same parties in government year after year:

I have spent the past year listening to our community, and if elected I will:

  • Bring new and expanded health services to Tuggeranong, including a 24 hour walk in medical service.
  • Protect our older and vulnerable people from COVID 19 through improved Aged Care facilities and health services
  • Fix the traffic jam on McBryde St Wanniassa caused by the pickup and drop off for 3 schools and a child care centre.
  • Create new jobs through innovative transport and export projects
  • Support the development of West Tuggeranong to create jobs, lower land prices, and help businesses recover from their COVID 19 losses.
  • Listen to you and take your needs and aspirations into our parliament and implement them.

Our Party Values

We will implement community sourced policies and plans.
We will never vote against the majority view of the residents of any electorate we represent
We will choose our candidates based on their character, honesty and integrity.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or local issues you would like to raise with me.


Phone: 0425 365840

Authorised by Jason Potter for the Federation Party ACT Canberra

Matthew KNIGHT (Liberal Democrats)

Matthew Knight has lived in Canberra for over 20 years, he currently works in the security industry and is an active member of the community.

Matthew believes that society is freer, fairer, and more prosperous when the size of the government is smaller. He believes cutting taxes will make everyone more prosperous and that civil society and volunteerism can better take care of the most vulnerable people in society than government programs. Canberrans should be free to live their lives the way they see fit to without government interference.

- Written and authorised by Matthew Knight, Theodore, ACT, 2905

Robyn SOXSMITH (Animal Justice Party)


Party: Animal Justice Party
Electorate: Brindabella

Photo - Robyn with Pippa

Description of platform and policies:
I am a long-time Kambah resident and have been a progressive advocate for animals and the LGTBIQ community for over 25 years. Now retired from the federal public service I devote my time and experience to my passion for social justice causes.

My advocacy includes animal protection committee work, direct action and running a regular social group for women as well as co-founding an association to expose the cruelty of the annual kangaroo massacre in Canberra.

So concerned about the loss of Canberra's reputation as the beautiful Bush Capital, I am standing for the seat of Brindabella for the Animal Justice Party.

If you care about animals and the environment please vote for me. I will work hard to Improve the lives of animals and revitalise Canberra as the Bush Capital.

Authorised by Jannah Fahiz, Animal Justice Party ACT

Cathy DAY (ACT Labor)

Cathy DAY

I love Tuggeranong and I care deeply about our community. Tuggeranong has been my home since 1989, and this is where my children were educated in our wonderful schools. I have seen Tuggeranong grow and I am proud to have been part of that growth.

I don’t just demand that things get better, I help make them better. I am a founding member of three Tuggeranong community groups – Erindale Neighbourhood Garden, Oxley Neighbourhood Watch and Shakespeare by the Lakes – and I am also a member of the Salvation Army’s Tuggeranong Corps. As part of my Salvation Army service, I was deployed to the Bombala Evacuation Centre, the Batemans Bay Recovery Centre and the Dickson Recovery Centre during the 2019-20 bushfires.

At work, I lead a team at the Australian National University’s National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health supporting research into a wide range of population health issues, including COVID-19. As the Secretary of the National Tertiary Education Union’s ACT Division I am standing up for the tertiary education sector and working with people facing the prospect of losing their jobs. Naturally, my key interests are health and education, and I have extensive professional experience in both.

I’ve spent my life serving and supporting the disadvantaged and powerless – I have taught in a New Delhi slum, worked to reduce maternal mortality in East Timor, and was an unarmed peacekeeper during the civil war in Bougainville.

The depth and breadth of my life experience gives me special insight into what can work well for Tuggeranong and our community.

If elected to the Assembly, I will be a strong and fierce advocate for you and our community and will fight every day for a better future.

CAMPAIGN PHONE 0492 849 691



Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Adrian OLLEY (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (ACT))

No information provided

James DANIELS (Canberra Liberals)

No information provided

Greg BAYNHAM (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (ACT))

No information provided

Nicole LAWDER (Canberra Liberals)


Nicole Lawder – Liberal for Brindabella

I have lived all around Australia and around the world, and when I came to Canberra over 30 years ago this is where I decided I wanted to live, work, and raise my family. Now my children and grandchildren call the valley home too.

When I arrived, it was called “Nappy Valley”. Now, some of Tuggeranong feels neglected and left behind.

That’s why I am proud of the Canberra Liberals’ positive plan for Canberra. It includes infrastructure projects for Tuggeranong, and a focus on basic local services. Canberrans pay world class taxes, rates, fees and charges, yet our basic local services seem to be declining. Mowing, street sweeping, footpath maintenance, pothole repairs, road resurfacing – things residents raise with me time and again. We are also very focussed on improving our local playgrounds. Upgrades, shade, fencing – there are many things that can be improved.

Under a Canberra Liberals Government, we will see an indoor sports and netball centre in Calwell, an AFL hub for Kambah, and improvements to Greenway Oval. There will also be road duplication projects, to help you get to work and home again quicker and safer. Of course these projects create jobs too, right when they are desperately needed.

Add to that our poor results compared to other Australian jurisdictions on health, and declining educational standards. This is not the fault of doctors, nurses, teachers – this is due to years of lack of investment and support. We will halve the elective surgery waiting list, and improve emergency department waiting times.

My family and I also want to protect our local environment. This means real improvement to the water quality in Lake Tuggeranong. It means planting one million trees over the coming 10 years, protecting our wildlife, improve our recycling sector, and much more.

Over the past term I have been privileged to meet many older Canberrans as Shadow Spokesperson on Seniors. That’s why I have a plan to treat seniors with respect, not as a burden like the current government do. I want to bring in Grandparents Day celebrations, improve hip and knee “prehabilitation” while waiting for surgery, support a world-class model for a purpose-built village for people with dementia, improve parking at seniors’ centres, and much more.

Seniors, school children and many others will also benefit from our positive changes to the bus network, fixing up Labor’s transport bungles.

Most importantly, we want to reduce the cost of living for families, to make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family. This will mean more money in your pocket to spend in your local community, on the things that matter to you.

Let’s stop the neglect, and bring a strong voice to the table fighting for Tuggeranong.

Vote 1 Nicole Lawder in Brindabella followed by our other wonderful Liberal candidates.  For lower taxes and better local services, vote Liberal.

For more information see


Authorised by Josh Manuatu for the Canberra Liberals.

Scott SANDFORD (Australian Federation Party Australian Capital Territory)

No information provided



I've lived in Brindabella for more than 30 years and raised my family here.

I know that we south-siders love our views of the Brindabellas and our open spaces. I want to make sure that the parts of Canberra that we love and value most are preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy. I want my grandson to grow up enjoying our bush capital and everything it has to offer.

I'm proud to be a part of a Labor Government that protects our environment while creating jobs. We have powered Canberra with 100% renewable electricity, creating more work for tradies and growing businesses.

Through the COVID-19 public health emergency, we’ve prioritised protecting small businesses, creating jobs and lowering costs for Canberrans through rates reductions and other initiatives. We have so far successfully guided our city through the worst economic crisis we’ve seen in decades. This is no small feat.

This year has been challenging in many ways with our environment threatened through devastating bushfires, and our health and economy at stake as we face the COVID-19 public health emergency. I am immensely proud that our Labor Government has taken the necessary steps to protect Canberrans during this incredibly tough time.

Times like these allow us to stop and think about what is really important to us all. ACT Labor knows that providing financial security and stability, a hopeful future for our younger generations, and protecting the environment and green spaces that we are spending more time in now than ever before, are what is important to Canberrans right now.

The ACT Labor Government will continue to work hard on these issues if re-elected.

We will continue to provide our emergency services personnel with the resources they need to keep Canberrans safe. We will continue to invest in healthier waterways and implement bushfire recovery measures in Namadgi National Park.

We’ll keep investing in education, spending $99 million to renew and improve our schools. We’re also helping non-government schools with an initiative to help install solar panels, battery storage and hot water heat pumps.

I am proud that as we grow our city, we’re helping all families. If re-elected, ACT Labor will establish a fund to help disadvantaged families with education expenses. We’re also growing our health facilities in Tuggeranong with an additional Walk-in Centre.

The pandemic isn’t over, and there is so much more to do. If re-elected in October, I will keep working hard every day to protect the health and prosperity of our community.

I'll continue focusing on bushfire recovery, rebuilding our national parks and growing our emergency services. I’ll continue to protect our green spaces and fight for better outcomes for Tuggeranong. I’ll continue to ensure that Canberrans are well placed and well equipped to deal with the unprecedented times that we are facing amidst this public health emergency.

CAMPAIGN PHONE 02 6205 0218



Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor