Who are we?

Updated 17 Nov 2017


The ACT Electoral Commission is an independent statutory authority with responsibility for:

  • the conduct of elections and referendums for the ACT Legislative Assembly;
  • the determination of electoral boundaries for the ACT; and
  • the provision of electoral advice and services to a wide range of clients:

Structure and staffing

The ACT Electoral Commission comprises three statutory office holders - a part-time Chairperson (Ms Dawn Casey), a full-time Electoral Commissioner (Mr Damian Cantwell AM) and a part-time member (Mr Philip Moss AM). The members of the Electoral Commission are independent officers of the ACT Legislative Assembly. The Commission reports to the Legislative Assembly through the Speaker of the Assembly.

The Electoral Commissioner is assisted by eight full-time officers employed under the Public Sector Management Act 1994. The Commissioner has the powers of a Chief Executive under the Public Sector Management Act in relation to those staff.

The positions are:

  • Deputy Electoral Commissioner (Senior Officer Grade A)
  • Funding and Disclosure Manager (Senior Officer Grade C)
  • Finance Manager (Senior Officer Grade C)
  • Election Operations Manager (Senior Officer Grade C)
  • Office Manager (Administrative Service Officer Class 6)
  • Education and Information Officer (Administrative Service Officer Class 5)
  • Education and Information Officer (Administrative Service Officer Class 5)
  • Finance Officer (Administrative Service Officer Class 4)

At election times the Commissioner seconds additional staff from the ACT Public Service and from other Australian electoral authorities and employs casual staff under the Electoral Act.


Budget details are recorded in the Commission's annual reports.