Funding, expenditure & disclosure

Updated 30 Mar 2023


Information on ACT financial funding and disclosure returns for 1993-2014 has been converted from Adobe Acrobat PDF format to HTML format to comply with accessibility standards.  This information has been data-entered from handwritten and typed original returns.  While all efforts have been  taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, Elections ACT cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.  Copies of original returns are available for public viewing at Elections ACT’s office

Election funding, expenditure and financial disclosure scheme

The ACT’s election funding, expenditure and financial disclosure scheme is administered by the ACT Electoral Commissioner and the staff of Elections ACT.

The election funding, expenditure and financial disclosure scheme, as defined in the Electoral Act 1992, consists of five components:

  • public funding of election campaign expenditure;
  • limits on the amount of electoral expenditure that may be incurred;
  • limits on the amount of anonymous gifts that may be received;
  • prohibiting property developers, their close associates and persons on their behalf from giving gifts to political entities, and prohibiting political entities from receiving those gifts; and
  • disclosure of the financial transactions of registered political party groupings, MLAs, associated entities, candidates, third party campaigners, and broadcasters and publishers.

The following pages aim to provide a summary of the above provisions. Copies of relevant forms and handbooks, as well as records of past financial disclosure returns by political entities in the ACT, can also be found in this section.

Further assistance on any aspect of the scheme may be obtained from Elections ACT.

Links to further election funding, expenditure and financial disclosure information