List of elected candidates - 2020 Election

Updated 19 Nov 2020

The following candidates were elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly as a result of the poll held in 2020.

ElectorateName and party

Joy Burch - Australian Labor Party

Johnathan Davis - ACT Greens

Mick Gentleman - Australian Labor Party

Nicole Lawder - Canberra Liberals

Mark Parton - Canberra Liberals


Yvette Berry - Australian Labor Party

Peter Cain - Canberra Liberals

Tara Cheyne - Australian Labor Party

Jo Clay - ACT Greens

Elizabeth Kikkert - Canberra Liberals


Andrew Barr - Australian Labor Party

Elizabeth Lee - Canberra Liberals

Shane Rattenbury - ACT Greens

Rachel Stephen-Smith -  Australian Labor Party

Rebecca Vassarotti - ACT Greens


Emma Davidson - ACT Greens

Jeremy Hanson - Canberra Liberals

Giulia Jones - Canberra Liberals

Marisa Paterson - Australian Labor Party

Chris Steel -  Australian Labor Party


Andrew Braddock - ACT Greens

Leanne Castley, Canberra Liberals

Alistair Coe - Canberra Liberals

Suzanne Orr -  Australian Labor Party

Michael Pettersson - Australian Labor Party