Candidate statements - Murrumbidgee

Updated 13 Oct 2020

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Tim DOBSON (ACT Labor)


Like many people, the experience of 2020 and COVID-19 has brought home to me the value of investing in our public services – so that we can look after our community at times they need it the most. Living in Waramanga, I’ve also seen the strength our community has when we come together to look after one another.

Both my parents were teachers, and from them I learnt about the power of education. It’s why I became an educator myself, working particularly with children with disabilities. And it's what drove me to co-found a social enterprise that trains and employs youth, long term unemployed people and refugees in environmentally sustainable jobs.

I’m not a career politician, but I've spent my whole life trying to make positive change for those often left behind in our society. In these unprecedented times we need politics that is for people, and by people.

Vote 1 Tim Dobson and the rest of the Labor team in your order of preference so that we can build a Canberra where no one is left behind.




Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Tjanara GORENG GORENG (The ACT Greens)



ELECTORATE: Murrumbidgee

I’m a First Nations woman, mother and grandmother and I have lived in Canberra since 1978.

I’m a business owner and academic teacher with more than 40 years’ experience working in government, academia, consulting and community based services.

I love the work of politics - turning people’s visions & aspirations into legislative reality with policy and programs that work on the ground. I relish the opportunity to advocate for those people in our Territory who are in need.  We need to  provide more preventative support services to ensure a decrease in homelessness, poverty and ill-health whilst building up our economy to support all.

To live good lives we all need green space, affordable housing, and a transport system that works for everyone. I advocate for universal  high quality free education, Caring for our Earth for the next generations, and funding things that matter in our city; cycling infrastructure, green transport systems that meet diverse need, TAFE and early childhood supports for families.

As First Nations policy spokesperson for the ACT Greens the community must have real self-determination and community controlled services. We will investigate a Treaty, do more in justice reinvestment and provide a culturally responsive child protection/family support system.

Authorised by Clancy Barnard for the ACT Greens

Geoff BUCKMASTER (Sustainable Australia - Stop overdevelopment. Stop corruption.)


Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community party from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in an evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right ideology.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That is, operating within our environmental limits.

Unfortunately, due to unsustainable growth in human consumption and population, we are now compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To address this unsustainable growth, we need to ‘think global, act local’.

It’s time to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption.

If you vote for Sustainable Australia candidates (1 and 2) before other candidates and parties, you will send a clear protest message to all politicians that you want a truly sustainable ACT. A vote for Sustainable Australia will flow through at full value to your next preferences if we are not elected.

You can find further candidate details under ‘Elections’ on our website:




Authorised by John Haydon, Sustainable Australia (ACT)

Jeremy HANSON (Canberra Liberals)



After serving our country for 22 years in the Army, I decided to serve our community by standing for the Assembly in 2008. Since then I have been your hard-working local member, and am also currently Shadow Attorney-General and Shadow Minister for Veterans Affair.

I live locally with my family, and see the problems the Woden/Weston Creek community faces every day. That’s why I have spent so much time with my colleague Giulia Jones out in our community, listening to concerns and coming up with solutions to make our part of Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family.

✓ Reduce the cost of Living

We well know the cost pressures on Canberrans, and we will do everything we can to get cost of living down. This includes a rates freeze for a full four years and a reduction in car registration saving $100 a year.

✓ Strengthen Canberra’s economy and secure local jobs

In these times, a strong economy and secure jobs are more important than ever. That’s why we are committed to supporting local jobs, local businesses and keeping the Canberra economy competitive and thriving.

✓ Provide better access to health services

Despite the fantastic work of doctors and nurses, it is true that our system still struggles. After I promised a massive injection into the health system, a new hospital is still not built or even started and the system is under more pressure than ever before. We support a strong investment in frontline services and hiring more doctors, nurses and specialists to get our wait times down.

✓ Improve education standards

We support providing more resources for our teachers and schools, focussing on basics and improving access and results for all children.

✓ Fix the transport bungles and reinstate school bus services

We have been inundated with complaints from residents about cancelled or re-routed buses, and in particular with complaints about cancelled school bus services. My own son can no longer get a bus to his school without multiple changes. We will fix the transport system and bring back buses for our schools and kids.

✓ Protect local green spaces and plant and care for one million trees.

When we talk about the environment, we are focussed on our local areas. This means preventing Curtin Horse Paddocks from becoming high rise apartments, saving Cooleman Court Park, and protecting Coombs peninsula for all to enjoy. We are also committed to restoring the tree-scape of Canberra by planting and maintaining a million trees to make sure we stay the ‘bush capital’ of Australia.

These are the things people in my area have said are important, and they are the things I remain committed to fixing - as a local, for locals.

For lower taxes and better services, I ask that you vote 1 Jeremy Hanson and 2 to 5 Liberal.

More information:


Authorised by Josh Manuatu for the Canberra Liberals

Robert KNIGHT (Canberra Progressives)


Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a 44 year old married father living in Garran with my young family. Born and raised in Canberra, I left school at 18 and joined the Army, eventually completing 21 years in uniform specialising in transport planning and logistics, but with plenty of other experiences along the way. After leaving the regular Army in 2015 I joined the Australian Public Service, but have since gained experience in the ACT Government, as well as private enterprise within the Defence industry.

I became interested in politics in 2012 after post-graduate studies in urban planning, quickly realising politicians, often quite poorly informed ones at that, are hugely influential in how our towns and cities develop and function. If we get these things wrong, they have profound, long-lasting impacts on our quality of life, and environmental and economic sustainability. It is because towns and cities develop over long period of time we’re often blind to the long term impacts of different decisions taken today, such as that of our investment in sprawling suburbia – an unsustainable form of urban development having very real impacts on our budget, quality of life, and environment today.

From these issues comes my motivation for getting involved, and running for the legislative assembly. I think we need leaders who are prepared to push against political headwinds and articulate a long term vision which looks beyond the next election cycle. When it comes to city development, we have to be prepared to review our past, and understand what needs to be done now in order to benefit us in 20, 30, and 40 years into our future.

Alongside this long term vision, we need to do what’s right in the here and now. We need to end the control of narrow vested interests on our democracy, so well enabled by the stranglehold on power our major parties maintain. We absolutely must empower an inclusive, deliberative, and engaging democratic process, so that we develop trust between the community, business, and the government. I will fight to create this process and ensure every one of us is fairly represented and heard, rather than patronised with tokenistic consultation and pork barrelling during election campaigns.

And finally, I will maintain a laser focus on ethics, integrity and accountability. Our elected representatives and public servants should be the best of us, dedicated to the pursuit of noble public service. Conflicts of interest, corrupt behaviour, favouritism and other questionable practices should be stamped on quickly, so I will make it my mission to ensure we have an integrity commission with sufficient powers to do it.

We all deserve so much better than what we currently have. Let’s Demand Better. Vote 1 Robert Knight.

Authorized by Kabilan Sripathy on behalf of the Canberra Progressives.

Andrew DEMETRIOS (Australian Climate Change Justice Party)


I am standing as a candidate for Australian Climate Change Justice Party because small business and our local community have been extremely hard hit by the ACT Labor and ACT Green last few terms. It is time for a change and Canberra will be much better off with a new Government.

I love and have been in Canberra for over 12 years but I was born in Sydney In 1968 and my parents were born in Cyprus and migrated to Australia in the 1950’s. My schooling was done at Scots college private school  and have a wide small business background including real estate, coffee shop ownership and management, and the taxi industry as an owner operator.   I am exposed to people from all walks of life and both the prosperity and opportunities that Canberra has to offer as well as the hidden poverty, struggles and life changes of everyday Canberran’s.

Canberra used to be a much easier city to live in and there was a character of prosperity, time and opportunity. I now see people that are doing it really tough and live on a day to day basis. The poverty and the desperation of the city is something we all want to reverse and from my perspective the solution is all about good jobs. There are many potential light industries that can be established here to take our city forward.  I particularly believe in the ACT Government supporting small business and reviewing land rates, commercial licences and the management of small business. The type of policies in the ACT just makes no sense and affect people’s lives in a serious way. I would like to see sustainable industries evolve owned by our people and to get rid of Uber and the rideshare gig economy. The reality is that this industry creates and institutionalises poverty in the ACT. The drivers get well below minimum wage, the profits go to overseas companies which get a free access to our wonderful roads and people, and take, take, take all day long from our Canberra community.  The ACT Labor and Green Government has encouraged a race to the bottom by bringing these overseas companies with a destructive mentality right to our city. For Canberra to prosper we must refocus on making jobs for local businesses. That’s why I am standing for the ACT Elections. We have a raft of policies doing exactly this, $677M for the creating of local sustainable industries, a closed loop economy, getting rid of the gig multi-nationals and fostering local supply chains. Take a look at our comprehensive policy platform at .

I still have hopes and aspirations for this city and my here. I want to continue to grow my family here and am married with our two beautiful young children.  Canberra truly is wonderful and I want to strive to make it better.

Authorised by Petar Johnson on behalf of the Australian Climate Change Justice Party

Chris STEEL (ACT Labor)


I have been proud to represent my community as your Labor Member for Murrumbidgee in the ACT Legislative Assembly since 2016 and as a Minister in the ACT Government.

I’m a Southside local and grew up in Woden attending our great local public schools, Torrens Primary and Melrose High, Narrabundah College and playing football at Woden Valley Soccer Club. From this great education I studied Law and Arts (majoring in Political Science) at the Australian National University.

Directly prior to entering the Assembly, I worked as an education advocate at peak body Early Childhood Australia, advocating for policies that improve lifelong outcomes for children like universal access to preschool, and I’m proud that if re-elected ACT Labor will extend preschool to all three year olds.

I have also previously worked for the Federal and ACT Governments focusing on a range of social policy areas and as a board member of YMCA Canberra.

Since being elected I have been working on the urban regeneration of our Town Centre like the Woden Experiment and upgrades to our Library, and as a result Woden is now turning a corner. A re-elected ACT Labor Government invest in the future of the town centre by building a major new CIT campus, a new public transport interchange and community centre, and we will bring light rail to Woden.

Labor has proven that we put the health of the community first. It’s why in Government I have worked with the Labor team to deliver our promise to build the Weston Creek Walk-in Centre to provide free public health care. Labor will extend those services to include medical imaging, and if we are re-elected we will build the Canberra Hospital Expansion.

I live with my family in Kambah and in the last term I advocated for and delivered upgrades to Kambah Village and improved safety at the Mount Taylor car park, and there is more to come.

If re-elected, Labor will continue to invest in new schools and community facilities for the region of Molonglo and ensure that it has the roads and sporting infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing community, just like we have by building the new pool at Stromlo Forest Park.

As a Minister I have worked to improve animal welfare laws, brought forward legislation to ban single-use plastic and drafted Canberra’s first urban forest strategy. We have made green bins available to every household in Canberra ahead of schedule and Labor will extend collections to food waste if elected. I have actively taken action on climate change and as Transport Minister I have published our plan to make Transport Canberra’s fleet zero emissions and Labor will buy 90 electric buses to start the transition.

I am proud of what I have achieved, both as your local representative and as a Minister in the ACT Labor Government and I am seeking your support again, so Labor can invest in the community infrastructure our city needs, protect and create jobs, and support the recovery.




Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Edmund HANDBY (Animal Justice Party)


Party: Animal Justice Party
Electorate: Murrumbidgee

Description of platform and policies:

Societies and communities are built on the relationships that we have with those around us. In all walks of life, the Australian and Canberran community is not only inhabited by humans, but also by the animals that share our environment and our homes. Animals of all shapes and sizes, big or small, are part of our lives.

Yet government are so often unwilling or unable to represent the interests of Canberra’s animals and environment. The continuing operation of the race-horse track, and divisive kangaroo cull are only a couple examples of ongoing failures of our ability to share our community with our animal neighbours.

I am running as a candidate for the seat of Murrumbidgee in the ACT election to be able to best represent the role that animals have in our Territory. Born and bred in Canberra, I recognise the role that animals have in our lives and in our environment. Whether it’s our animal companions in our homes, or the native flora and fauna of Canberra’s many nature reserves, Canberra’s reputation as the Bush Capital is linked to this environment.

The Animal Justice Party is committed to preserving the beauty of our Canberra environment, in a compassionate, caring, and wholistic way. Whether it’s the kangaroos that share our reserves, beloved animal companions in our homes, or the condition of our environment, the AJP will fight for Canberra.

I encourage you to Vote 1 for the AJP.

Authorised by Jannah Fahiz, Animal Justice Party ACT

Brendan WHYTE (Independent)

No photo provided.

I believe that local government should be conducted by the people, for the people. Career politicians and national party ideologies have demonstrably failed to represent the desires and aspirations of Canberrans. Communities have had inappropriate developments thrust upon them, and local voices, even when nearly unanimous in opposition, have been ignored. The interests of outside developers have been prioritized over the rights and desires of locals, and the Covid lockdown has been used to avoid public scrutiny and consultation.

I am therefore running as an independent, to return a local voice to our local government; to ensure that *your* voices are not just heard, but listened to.

I will work to ensure planning is appropriate, sustainable, in the community interest, and according to the community will. No more excessive high-rise, excessive density, and shoddy design and construction. I will protect open spaces, such as the Curtin Horse Paddocks, from development, and protect the Lake Burley-Griffin foreshore from reclamation and concreting.

The Tuggeranong Parkway and Hindmarsh Drive are physical barriers for pedestrians and cyclists. We need more connections across/under/over them. Likewise, duplication of the Barton Highway needs to safely accommodate cyclists and pedestrians, not just motorists.

I want to see buses use both doors at all stops, and cash fares become the MyWay fare rounded up to the nearest dollar, not a cash grab. A family should only need one MyWay card between them, not one card each.

Under Labor and the Greens, Canberra lost 10% of its tree cover in 7 years. I will significantly increase tree cover, creating beauty, wildlife habitat, and reducing the urban heat island. I will vegetate all the concrete/gravel traffic islands and median strips, this will also reduce the amount of toxic herbicide City Services currently sprays.

Rather than reacting to population growth, I will work to develop a sustainable long-term population policy, to ensure Canberra remains the livable and environmentally-friendly city we all want it to be.

We need a greater will to prevent homelessness, and provide all Canberran with access to safe, secure and affordable housing in a convenient location. Squeezing everyone into shonky apartments on the fringe is not acceptable.

School playgrounds and sports fields are public assets and should be available to the community outside school hours: school fencing should protect buildings, but leave open space and playgrounds open to all. Even our parks are increasingly fenced, and disused fences within them ensnare and injure kangaroos. Open space should be *open*.

We need a government that represents its constituents, not one that imposes its own ideology on them. Bans on peaceful protests, on religious expression, on school chaplains, and on black balloons have no place in a diverse, tolerant community. All views should be respected.

Finally, I will refuse the $25,000 car allowance, only travel economy (not business class), and donate any salary above the ACT average to charity. I challenge other candidates to match this.

Canberra can be better. Vote Independents 1, 2 and 3 in Murrumbidgee.

Authorised by Brendan Whyte, independent candidate for Murrumbidgee.

Yana del VALLE (Animal Justice Party)


Party: Animal Justice Party
Electorate: Murrumbidgee

Description of platform and policies:

My husband and I moved into the Murrumbidgee electorate in 2008 with our two fur-kids who have since sadly left us, and have inherited several goldfish, some rescued, but all have been given a much larger pond. We loved the open fields and outside facilities offered by the West Basin horse paddocks, Weston Park, Stromlo Forest Park, and reserves. But I’ve slowly witnessed this disappearing through encroaching development projects, with no consideration to wildlife corridors.

As a passionate animal advocate, I believe that all wild animals, farm animals, companion animals, must have sufficient space, food, water, shelter and protection. In particular, I recognise that protecting our open space and remnant bushland is essential to the survival of wildlife and the wellbeing of companion animals. The Animal Justice Party is the only party who believe that we should be custodians to this land and that all sentient beings be treated with kindness, respect, equality, and non-violence. The yearly slaughter of kangaroos, distribution of 1080 poison, horse race gambling ramifications, and lack of refuges/accommodation for those with pets who are homeless or fleeing family and domestic violence are just some of the problems in our community that need urgent fixing.

This October I will be giving my voice to the animals and the environment. I hope you join me and my party colleague and vote for a kinder Canberra by placing 1 and 2 for the AJP in Murrumbidgee.

Authorised by Jannah Fahiz, Animal Justice Party ACT

Emma DAVIDSON (The ACT Greens)


Party: ACT Greens

Electorate: Murrumbidgee

I’m running for the seat of Murrumbidgee because it's where I live, work, and play, and I’m passionate about giving back to the community that’s given me so much.

I've lived in Woden and Weston for most of the past 25 years. It's where I work in the community sector, where I volunteer in community and sports groups, and where I have made a home with my family in our beautiful bush capital.

Murrumbidgee’s diverse neighbourhoods should offer everyone a place to live, work, learn, play and enjoy our beautiful bush.

But poor planning has decimated community facilities, overcrowded our schools, reduced local employment and paved over our green spaces.

That’s why the Greens have a plan to invest heavily in green, local infrastructure, and give the community - not property developers - control over planning and infrastructure decisions, by:

  • Building a multi-purpose indoor sports and community centre in Woden Town Centre
  • Increasing the frequency of southside buses, and building Light Rail Stage 2 with express services to Woden
  • Upgrading our footpaths, bus stops, bike paths, playgrounds and parks, and lighting them so everyone can feel safe
  • Keeping the Coombs Peninsula as a nature reserve
  • Including a live music venue and arts precinct in the construction of the new Woden CIT.

I want a healthy, happy, safe future for all of us in the city that I've made my home, and I hope you'll support me in making that happen.

Authorised by Clancy Barnard for the ACT Greens

Giulia JONES (Canberra Liberals)

Giulia JONES


I am committed to making Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family, so that everyone can get ahead.

A Canberra Liberals Government will focus on the things that matter most to you and your family. We have a strong plan to:

  • Freeze rates for four years to save $1,500
  • Strengthen Canberra’s economy and create secure local jobs
  • Provide better access to health services by hiring more doctors, nurses and specialists and halve wait times
  • Deliver better education outcomes
  • Fix Labor’s transport bungles and reinstate school bus services
  • Protect local green spaces and plant and care for one million trees

For lower taxes and better services, I ask that you vote 1 Giulia Jones and 2 to 5 Liberal.

More information:


Authorised by Josh Manuatu for the Canberra Liberals

Jill MAIL (Sustainable Australia - Stop overdevelopment. Stop corruption.)


Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community party from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in an evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right ideology.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That is, operating within our environmental limits.

Unfortunately, due to unsustainable growth in human consumption and population, we are now compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To address this unsustainable growth, we need to ‘think global, act local’.

It’s time to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption.

If you vote for Sustainable Australia candidates (1 and 2) before other candidates and parties, you will send a clear protest message to all politicians that you want a truly sustainable ACT. A vote for Sustainable Australia will flow through at full value to your next preferences if we are not elected.

You can find further candidate details under ‘Elections’ on our website:




Authorised by John Haydon, Sustainable Australia (ACT)

Gordon YEATMAN (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (ACT))

No information provided

Rohan BYRNES (Australian Climate Change Justice Party)


The Australian Climate Change Justice Party—the best way forward:

The events of COVID- 19 have exposed the vulnerabilities of our local economy and moving ahead we have a great opportunity to transform Canberra into a more independent cohesive community. Building self-reliance as a community and promoting local industry and utilising the ACT budget to maximise jobs and building sustainability is a major priority.

Working in the welfare sector for over 25 years has shown me that there are still gaps and opportunities that can make Canberra a better place. I support sustainable growth that can create a better community and that can provide adequate and cost effective housing for those in need and for young people.

Now is not the time to expand on a major project like the Light Rail. Far better to develop new industries and subsidise jobs to continue to build a liveable city that can be more independent and self-sustainable. Expanding Canberra’s solar battery capacity and developing micro-grid communities can build Canberra’s solar industry and reduce costs for consumers. Encouraging a ‘Food Bowl’ for Canberra to source its own produce and reducing costs for householders can also increase efficiencies.

Until now local government in the ACT has been hamstrung by two parties caught up in a game of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Creating sustainable habitat and planting trees is just the start to make Canberra a better place to live. Filling its median strips with native flora improves the natural living environment. We can have a ‘Floriade’ every day.

Developing new housing concepts and more flexible community housing assists younger and disadvantaged people into stable accommodation and presents economies of scale. Allowing communities to build with ’Tiny’ houses creates the potential of new hubs and savings.

Funding renewable transport and transitioning Canberra’s bus fleet to total battery and improving direct travel bus routes and licensing the private taxi market can all make a difference. Re-orienting Canberra’s economy to support more community focussed jobs and creating jobs that are aimed at mitigating climate change and developing adaption in the Canberra district.

These are important directions that come from a grass-roots level changes and acknowledge that we can do more in the community.
Even basic concepts like cleaning up Lake Burley Griffin with a cleaner water policy can help improve the quality of life in Canberra. By developing comprehensive over-arching policies than can support a transitional economy and improve social structures we can evolve Canberra further into a more positive vibrant city. The goal is to make the ACT a showcase of modern living and create a cleaner more wholistic environment for everyone fortunate enough to live here.

It is thinking beyond the current climate debate to take real action to transform Canberra into a 21st Century model city.

Take a look at our online resources for an introduction to our party platform:




Authorised by Petar Johnson on behalf of the Australian Climate Change Justice Party

Jackson HILLMAN (Australian Climate Change Justice Party)


I'm running as a candidate for the Australian Climate Change Justice Party to push for an option which is more affordable and more sustainable for the wave of new home buyers to come. I believe that everyone should have the option of affordable and sustainable housing. I live in the electorate of Murrumbidgee and know a lot of friends looking for a solution to the young generation housing crisis.

The party wants to develop suburbs differently, not to stop or take away from any development already in progress, but to develop another option to be made available to the public. We vision suburbs being thought out and built in such a way that prompts community living, creates local jobs, and provides an ecological option. Instead of multiple blocks being purchased by investors and turned into high-quality expensive housing for us to rent, we vision blocks with altered building codes available for individual sale, providing an affordable option for owner-home builders to use materials which have a lower ecological impact.

I believe that this is a step forward in correcting our environmental impact as well as improving life satisfaction within individuals. Canberra has the opportunity to lead the rest of the country towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future. We have to take steps now to showcase, implement and grow sustainable housing so that it becomes a normal and accessible option in the future. The steps we take now towards sustainable innovation will progress and open up opportunities here in Canberra. Vote 1,2,3,4,5 Australian Climate Change Justice Party for a community led future. Take a look at our comprehensive policy platform at .

Authorised by Petar Johnson on behalf of the Australian Climate Change Justice Party

Peter VEENSTRA (Australian Climate Change Justice Party)


Canberra born and bred. In the old Canberra hospital. I’ve seen Canberra blossom from a friendly country town to the friendly thriving national capital. Recently however I’ve seen Canberra turn its back on its bush capital heritage. I’ve seen Canberra turn its back on a sustainable future whether it be climate, economic or affordable housing for our children. I grew up in Hackett, playing on every sporting field and every sport, including table tennis and skiing. It was a great childhood, with a great set of moral values including education and I wish the same for every future Canberra child. I’ve had the fortune of living and working in Egypt, England, Scotland and Ireland. Unfortunately, my Dutch wasn’t good enough to work in Holland. So when I say that Canberra is a great place to live and bring up a family, I say it with a wee bit of experience.

There is a widening intergenerational wealth divide that the major parties are ignoring. The ‘Australian Climate Change Justice Party’ has several policies to address this issue: affordable eco villages, a local food bowl, local industry, not just the service industry, keeping more money in the local economy. If it is too difficult for our children to buy a house and start a family how difficult will it be for their children. This lack of sustainability needs to be addressed.

My mantra is: Is it sustainable! Every government decision should be asking the questions: Is it sustainable? Does it scale? The major parties are about killing small business. The major parties are in the business of squashing local industry and innovation, from transport, greyhound and green waste just to name a few. The minor parties have to band together to encouraging and finance local business and industry. Why can’t grow our own vegetables, produce our own solar. If somethings can be done local it should. We don’t need a dementia neighbourhood we need to be thinking about our children and our grandchildren.

Take a look at our online resources for an introduction to our party platform:




Authorised by Petar Johnson on behalf of the Australian Climate Change Justice Party

Stephen LIN (Canberra Progressives)

Stephen LIN

My name is Stephen Lin, a native of Wuhan, Central China, and I am a candidate for the ACT Legislative Assembly in the electorate of Murrumbidgee.

What I can bring to Legislative Assembly? I have been admitted to practise law in Queensland since 2001 and worked mainly in community legal services. I have held Not-for-Profit Principal License for or managed several of such legal services, including Queensland Advocacy Inc. , and Central Queensland Community Legal Centre, etc.

I have also worked as disability advocate in Queensland and ACT, promoting mental health and disability service into multicultural communities. I have keen interests in community service, public facilities for children, and overall wellbeing for the disadvantaged groups.

In volunteer capacity, I have devoted my skills and energy in Community Radio programs and multicultural projects since 1995.

If elected, I will get to know community groups and meet their representatives and members, and harness their current concerns and priorities for my future Bill proposals and law reform recommendations. I will prioritize the following items for the community:

  • better schools and public facilities for families with young children;
  • better health service, mental health support, aged care and disability support for wider community;
  • safe and caring community for everyone to enjoy and thrive;
  • open communication channels with the public, represent their voices on various issues, be their referral hub to identify best mechanism to resolve their concerns, and follow up with the relevant agencies for better solution;
  • participation in various parliamentary committees and examine pressing issues in detail, and contribute to law reforms needed in our electorate and wider ACT;
  • working with the constituents for improved social and cultural environment; and
  • learning fast and contributing in policy making widely, keep the government accountable for any policy and administrative mistakes.

The current political structure has built a status quo benefiting major parties. Their complacency means Canberra cannot reach its potentials. Canberra Progressives provides a good alternative to shake up and cater community needs in public education, public medical service, better environment, more social entrepreneurship.

I am keen to be part of team to bring changes. I offer myself as your Candidate for Murrumbidgee.


Authorized by Kabilan Sripathy on behalf of the Canberra Progressives.

Marisa PATERSON (ACT Labor)


I have been a Murrumbidgee local for 15 years and I am ready to be your STRONG local representative. As a professional and a mother of three school aged children, I understand the balancing act that modern life presents. I am a social policy researcher at the ANU and decided to run because I am passionate about making a contribution to our community for generations to come. My research career has instilled in me an evidence-based and people first approach to policy development.

I will be a strong advocate for policy and programs that support:

- the mental and social health of our community (in particular, targeting the young and old in our community)
- the creation of education and training opportunities that lead to jobs, and;
- practical environmental and climate change policy solutions.

The leadership qualities that I will bring to the Assembly are a great passion for our community – I will be a strong advocate for residents. I will deliver a high degree of consultation and transparency in decisions that are made that impact the people of Murrumbidgee.

I have FRESH, NEW ideas and the energy to be a STRONG local voice for our fantastic part of Canberra.




Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Lee PERREN-LEVERIDGE (Independent)

No information provided

Ed COCKS (Canberra Liberals)

Edward COCKS

I’m Ed Cocks.

My family has lived in the Canberra region for generations, and now my wife and I are raising our kids here too.

I’m a proud Canberran, and an experienced public servant. I’m passionate about our city, and all who call her home. I have advocated for Canberra, and her position as the nation’s capital and the home of the APS in front of Prime Ministers, and Cabinet members.

Now, after years of neglect from Labor and the Greens, I’m asking your support to make a positive change here in the south, and end the neglect.

Over time I have visited more than 15,000 homes across Canberra’s south, from Tuggeranong and Woden, to Weston Creek, Molongolo and the Inner South. And you have shared your concerns about:

  • Canberra’s cost of living and rental crises, driven by Labor’s runaway rates, taxes and charges;
  • Our decaying town centres, shops, and local infrastructure and the need for better care and maintenance;
  • Neglected government services, like health, education and transport; and
  • Planning and development decisions that seem driven by profit rather than people.

Labor seems to have stopped listening and takes things for granted.

I believe we need a better vision for Canberra’s south. This should be more than just a place to sleep and a source of government revenue. We can and should make it easier for people to build a great future in Canberra, with fewer obstacles to living well. It should be easy for you to do great things.

But to make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family, we need a change. We need to reduce the cost of living, strengthen our economy, and make our essential services like health and education better, not just more expensive.

I believe we need to:

  • Cut the cost of living – by Freezing Rates from Day 1, taking the pressure of rents, and better managing the budget to make ends meet.
  • Revive the health system – by investing more in frontline doctors, nurses and specialists to drive down waiting times.
  • Energise our schools – by backing teachers to deliver better results for our kids.
  • Restore good planning – by making the rules simple, consistent and predictable; with people at the heart of the planning system.
  • Protect our suburbs by investing local and getting the priorities right. From care and maintenance to Police and Emergency Services.

It’s time someone stood up for people in our region. You deserve someone that listens, acts, and delivers for you.

For lower taxes and better services, I ask that you vote 1 Ed Cocks and 2 to 5 Liberal.

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Authorised by Josh Manuatu for the Canberra Liberals

Bec CODY (ACT Labor)


My names Bec Cody, I'm your local Labor member for Murrumbidgee. At the age of 15 I made the decision to leave school and start a hairdressing apprenticeship in Weston Creek. After a number of years of working for people and managing salons, I opened my own salon. As a small business owner I always paid staff right, and provided a safe workplace, and I am horrified of the widespread wage theft going on today. It hurts working people and takes money out of the pockets of small business customers.

As a life long resident of Canberra’s South, I have seen the ups and downs that’s have affected many families. From the mass lay-offs in Woden in the 1990s to the recovery and construction boom happening today. Whilst the Federal Government put Canberra here, it has been a bad boss in recent decades. I have seen this first hand as an EL2 in the Department of Health and Social Services, with jobs continuously being moved out of Canberra. I know the future of our community is a diverse economy that can stand on its own two feet.

I have seen the wrong side of domestic violence and come through the other side. I know how tough it is to raise boys as a single mum, and the importance the whole community plays in supporting families. I understand the support that participation in community sport, like Park Runs and Triathlons provides, and I want to make sure every Canberran has the opportunity to participate. Being involved in the community and meeting like minded people offered support during some of the toughest times of my life.

I am an advocate, happy to take up the fight for outsiders, and say it like it is.



Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Brendan LONG (ACT Labor)

Brendan LONG

Biography for Brendan Long: Labor Candidate for Murrumbidgee

I grew up in Canberra and have worked as an economist for more than 25 years. As a candidate, my priorities are: creating and sustaining jobs, supporting small businesses, and building our common good so that all Canberrans can access education and employment opportunities as I have.

My life in Canberra

I grew up in Torrens, attended Marist College and studied economics at ANU. The friendships and connections built in those years gave me a great foundation in life. Most importantly, I met my wife Julie, who has been by my side through all the adventures since.

For ten years I worked at the heart of policy formulation in roles at Treasury, the Productivity Commission, Prime Minister & Cabinet and the Office of National Intelligence. An ANU Masters then led me to Cambridge University where I completed my PhD and where our first child was born.

Returning to Canberra, we moved to Curtin which proved a great nesting ground for another four children. Canberra is such a wonderful place to raise a family and we are so grateful for the opportunities and rewards we’ve experienced in our local community.

Giving Back

Over the years, I’ve tried to give some of that back through volunteer work and not-for-profit contributions. In particular, I’ve worked with the St Vincent De Paul Society for over two decades. Visiting and working with people experiencing difficulties has given my policy work real perspective. We still have much to do to make this city better and fairer and that’s a large part of what motivates me.

I’ve also been privileged to work for Cabinet Ministers Simon Crean, Joel Fitzgibbon, Joseph Ludwig and Stephen Conroy. I learned from the best in the business how politics can serve economic and social policy goals. Making a difference by balancing a strong, competitive economy with social justice and committed environmental policy, is what attracts me to political life.

Economic and Community Focus

Our immediate policy focus in the ACT must be economic recovery from COVID-19. With my own children growing up, I’m well aware of the long-term effects of the pandemic on young people who are at high risk of missing out on a strong entry into the labour market. There’s also significant research showing that unemployed young people are at greater risk of experiencing mental health problems.

If elected, I will work to create and sustain jobs – especially through Jobs For Canberrans, a vital program that fills gaps in Commonwealth support. I will also work to grow our jobs-base through support for small businesses, which are vital to local communities and so often give our young people a first step on their employment journey.

My commitment

This is a time for economists to earn their pay and deliver economic recovery for all. As a member of the Assembly, I will dedicate my community experience and policy expertise to serving the people of Canberra as we face the current challenges together.




Authorised by Melissa James for ACT Labor

Fiona CARRICK (Independent)


As the population grows urban infill will continue in the suburbs and around shopping hubs so it needs to be done well, for the people. We need a balanced approach to homes, public spaces and community facilities to create active community-oriented local centres that support small business and create jobs.

I will focus on collaborative planning that improves our quality of life, including:

  • homes – affordable and appropriate for different ages and abilities
  • jobs – small business and innovative industries that thrive and create jobs
  • vital services – access to health, education and transport (paths)
  • environment – maintain our bush capital and support our Parkcare groups

... to create safe communities where we have pride in our places.

Why you should vote for me

I am a lifelong southsider and care deeply about our community. I want to listen to your views and work to resolve your issues. Over the last 3 1/2 years I have had some significant wins for our community as President of the Woden Valley Community Council, for example, a commitment to a CIT in Woden, a community centre for Woden Community Service, saving 3 hectares of Eddison Park from the expansion of the cemetery and upgrades to the Town Square.

Murrumbidgee is a diverse electorate, including Molonglo, Weston Creek, Woden, Kambah East, Yarralumla and Deakin. Each of these areas has their own strengths and challenges and I will work with residents to investigate opportunities for their social and economic development and the staged delivery of solutions as funding becomes available. For example, the residents of Molonglo could benefit substantially, both socially and economically, from the development of Stromlo Park into a world class facility that connects with the proposed Molonglo Commercial Centre to facilitate the movement of guests between centres to benefit small business and create jobs. I am also passionate about connecting the Woden Town Centre to the Canberra Hospital and developing a strategy for the whole precinct that includes cultural and recreation facilities and an education and allied health hub that attracts people to live and work in the area.

My background is in finance, budgeting, horticulture and transport infrastructure. I have the skills to analyse issues and consult with stakeholders to form a balanced view about our many policy areas. I am interested in investigating the ACT Government’s Budget to determine where there may be opportunities to reallocate funds to priorities that benefit the community.

I am also passionate about working towards keeping the government accountable in the development of the bush capital that we all love.

However, without local government or an upper house of review, a majority (Labor/Greens or Liberal) government has absolute power which can lead to communities feeling like they have not been heard.

We need independent voices that are issues and evidence based (not tied to party politics) to contribute to the decision-making process in the Legislative Assembly and hold the government to account.

More information about my campaign can be found at

Authorised by Fiona Carrick candidate for Murrumbidgee

Amardeep SINGH (Canberra Liberals)

Amardeep SINGH

Amardeep Singh – Murrumbidgee

I chose this city as the place where I wanted to see my kids grow, and I’ve worked hard to give my family the best start in life. However, I worry whether my kids will actually have the same opportunities that this beautiful city has offered me for almost two decades.

Currently, families are struggling with an ever-increasing cost of living, deteriorating health services, and a lack of adequate staff in police services as well as other emergency arenas to name a few issues.

We are also paying exorbitant rates, taxes are at record highs with services at record lows. Even before COVID times, there was a $4 billion debt. The ACT emergency department’s waiting times also continue to grow under the current Labor-Greens Government. Half of all urgent patients are waiting longer than 82 minutes to be seen.

The list goes on…

I am passionate about addressing these issues and making Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family so everyone can get ahead.

The Canberra Liberals and I are committed to freezing rates for four years, reducing car rego costs by $100, delivering new $200 Active and Creative Kids Vouchers, and delivering more gap-free GPs to save families $1,000 every year.

We will fix the health system by halving elective surgery and emergency waiting times.

I am also looking forward to making Canberra a place where everyone can feel safe to move around in. Hence, we are committed to bringing in 130 more police personnel in the ACT and building a much-needed police station in Molonglo Valley.

We will also deliver better education outcomes by focusing on foundational subjects, removing barriers to teachers being in the classroom and upgrading local schools.

We will fix the transport system by bringing back school buses and employing 100 more drivers.

We will back our local small and family businesses to grow, prosper and employ so we can grow our economy.

Moreover, nature is very close to my heart and that is why I have advocated for preserving our environment since my college days. Therefore, I am committed to protecting our local environment by planting and caring for one million trees, providing guaranteed funding to Landcare and ACT Wildlife and turbocharging our recycling sector.

By making Canberra more affordable, and making sure more people live, work and pay taxes in Canberra, we can afford to deliver all of our promises.

I am seeking your support and ask that you vote 1 Amardeep Singh and 2 to 5 Liberal, so that we can bring in the positive change that Canberra desperately needs.

More information:


Authorised by Josh Manuatu for the Canberra Liberals

Mark GILMAYER (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (ACT))

No information provided

Sarah SUINE (Canberra Liberals)


I am Sarah Suine, I am a wife, a mum, a daughter, a sister – I am standing up to represent Murrumbidgee because I want to see change. I love raising my two boys in Canberra, and when they grow up I want them to be able to afford to raise their families here too.

I am a qualified hairdresser; however, I was forced to leave fulltime hairdressing because of increasing cost of living pressures. It was difficult to live the life I wanted to live while on a hairdresser’s salary.

I wanted to own my own home, be able to travel occasionally, and just to live comfortably. I am sure that is the wish of most Canberrans – to be able to live comfortably.

My husband and I work hard to provide for our family. I was fortunate to a secure job in the public service and started my own mobile hairdressing business on weekends. My husband is a teacher and also runs a handy man business on the side. We are ordinary Canberrans who saved all we could to afford our first home. I appreciate how lucky we are, owning a home is not attainable for many Canberrans.

I am proud to be part of the Canberra Liberals team who are committed to making Canberra affordable. From day one, a Canberra Liberals Government will freeze rates for 4 years. This means that under a Canberra Liberals Government, your rates will not increase, and you will have certainty over your rates bill.

Right now, Canberra is full of people forgotten by their government, who are not part of the elite, who are the hardworking backbone of our community just trying to get by.

These are the small business owners, the shift workers, the mum's and dads who are doing everything they can for their families. These are the people who need our support and who need a change.

I want to bring about that change. I want to be part of a Canberra Liberals Government who will help Canberrans get ahead.

I am passionate about making Canberra affordable, and the best place to live, work and raise a family. I value this opportunity to represent the people of Murrumbidgee, and I hope I am able to win your vote and serve as your local member.

For lower taxes and better services, I ask that you vote 1 Sarah Suine and 2 to 5 Liberal.

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Authorised by Josh Manuatu for the Canberra Liberals

Terry BAKER (The ACT Greens)


Party: ACT Greens

Electorate: Murrumbidgee

I am proud to be a member of the ACT Greens because the Greens take an integrated holistic and positive approach to the many wicked problems we as a society face today.

I believe the Greens are our best chance to effectively deal with the ecological, economic, and social challenges facing our society now, and I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the Greens success in this election.

I believe that we can learn to manage our society better by supporting and heeding the wisdom of Indigenous Elders.  I am passionate about the valuable contributions brought to us by under valued members of our community, such as people with disabilities, and refugees.  I believe we benefit from supporting these members of our community to integrate successfully into our neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, and general culture.

I believe our success as a community improves by leaps and bounds when we support the arts, music, and theatre, as well as maintaining an economy that makes these things viable.

Authorised by Clancy Barnard for the ACT Greens

Richard FORNER (Australian Climate Change Justice Party)

Richard FORNER

I was born and bred in Canberra. Born in the old Canberra hospital in 1970 next to Lake Burley Griffin. My parent migrated from Italy during the mid-1960’s meet in Canberra and have called it home ever since. I grew up on the north side of Canberra and it was fun and stress fee. You could go around your surround suburbs without the concern that anything bad was going to happen to you except a magpie sweeping you during spring. On my weekends we would go out to the nearby bush land and ride, camp and fish in fresh air or at Lake Burley Griffin which we would swim in during summer.

Growing up and working in the building industry has been hard work but satisfying, proud to add a new building to the growing city that Canberra was. From time to time work would take me interstate and I have been lucky enough to travel overseas a few times. This opened my eyes and showed me how lucky I was living in Canberra.

Now married and with a child things have changed and not necessarily for the better or the same. Kids of today don’t want to be seen outside on the play grounds, they much rather stay inside and entertain themselves on the computer. Kids need to be pushed to interact with each other, not on their electronic devices.

I keep being reminded that it takes a lot of time to arrange to go camping in the nearby bush land and that it can only be done during certain times of the year not as you wish. To go for a bike ride you are restricted to certain times of the weeks due to people complaining of the noise the motorbikes make, yet the government has invested a lot of money on mountain bike tracts which is great, but what about other similar sports?

Now when we have people come from overseas they ask why we removed the lovely old building and replaced them with apartments?

Our famous lake needs a clean out, as there are more days when the water is brown than nice, the lake needs to be opened up for the public to use instead of, just walking around it. We have great schools and higher education institutions in Canberra. I hope we can keep up to our reputation of providing great schooling.

We all seem to be working harder and longer hours about most are only doing it to survive not for the pride and satisfaction of producing something and being proud of what you they have achieved. With time living in Canberra has become hard and expensive with nothing extra in return. No wonder people look at Queanbeyan as a better option.

Take a look at our online resources for an introduction to our party platform:




Authorised by Petar Johnson on behalf of the Australian Climate Change Justice Party