School and community visits

Updated 5 Jul 2017

Elections ACT staff are available to conduct electoral education activities in all schools in the ACT. Staff also visit and make presentations to community groups. Many of these sessions are conducted in conjunction with the Legislative Assembly education office.


Activities may include:

  • Visits to the Legislative Assembly.
  • The conduct of classroom sessions on the Hare-Clark electoral process, including the conduct of mock elections or referendums.
  • Assistance with the conduct of SRC or other school elections.
  • The provision of resources and advice.
  • Presentations to community groups on agreed subjects of relevance to the electoral system.

School responsibilities

Elections ACT staff have broad knowledge and experience in the Hare-Clark electoral process and can bring this to the classroom. We have found that the best results are achieved by timing a session to fit in with appropriate subject matter being covered by the teacher. For example, in a civics context, a teacher may cover parliament and then Elections ACT staff could then cover representation and how people get elected - and provide appropriate hand-out material to the students.

Staff may request the use of facilities such as video or overhead projector and screen.

It is essential that teaching staff remain during presentations. Teaching staff may be called upon to assist - particularly if an activity such as mock election or referendum is being conducted. Details such as these, and the time required, will be discussed and agreed upon when a visit is being organised.

How to book a visit

Teachers or community groups that would like a visit or other assistance should contact Elections ACT to discuss their requirements and make a booking. At certain times, such as in the weeks just prior to an ACT Legislative Assembly election, staff may not be able to visit a school but can still provide advice and resource materials. It is suggested that visits and other assistance be arranged with as much notice as possible so that all requirements can be met.