Updated 10 Aug 2015

Elections ACT aims to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Energy savings are made by turning off computers and the photocopier every night and having all lights movement activated.

Where possible, recyclable consumables are used and recycled paper is used for normal office work as well as for publications, as appropriate. Waste paper and paper products, toner, batteries and plastics are recycled and organic waste is composted.

Election materials are reused or recycled where possible e.g. all cardboard polling place equipment, such as voting screens, was recycled following the 2012 election while 1, 116 plastic folders were sent to Koomari Belconnen recycling centre where both the metal rings and plastic covers were recycled.

As a result of these practices, Elections ACT received accreditation under the ACT Government’s ACTSmart Office program in 2012 and was reaccredited following audit in 2013. This program supports businesses in implementing efficient recycling programs resulting in lower environmental impact and reduced business costs.