List of elected candidates - 1992 Election

Updated 6 Jan 2015

The following candidates were elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly as a result of the poll held on Saturday, 15 February 1992.

Party Number Name
Liberal Party 6 Trevor Kaine
Tony De Domenico
Greg Cornwell
Kate Carnell
Gary Humphries
Lou Westende (1)
Michael Moore Independent Group 2 Michael Moore
Helen Szuty
Abolish Self-Government Coalition 1 Dennis Stevenson
Australian Labor Party 8 Rosemary Follett
Wayne Berry
Bill Wood
Roberta McRae
Terry Connolly
Annette Ellis
David Lamont
Ellnor Grassby
Notes: 1. Lou Westende resigned from the Assembly on 25 July 1994 and Bill Stefaniak was appointed as his replacement on 23 August 1994.