Waterworld election - notes for teachers

Updated 6 May 2016

If you would like to use our scenario for a Canberra based election we have prepared profiles of parties and candidates with a ballot paper. You will have to set the scene for your students.

In recent years Canberra has had a water crisis. The current government sees a possible solution is to build a new dam. Building dams is an emotive issue which has produced some interesting new parties and candidates to contest the next election.

When the students are familiar with the scenario they will have to make informed decisions. To help them, ask them to record comments in the boxes provided beside each party and candidate on the worksheet. When they come to vote they will have been given the opportunity to make a reflective response.

You can use your own class roll or have the students make up their own.

The result of the election will elect three people who will reflect the views of the majority of the voters.

You can print and photocopy the information on these pages to help you run your election - it is recommended that you print the "pdf" versions of this information. If you would prefer pre-printed copies please contact Elections ACT.