Updated 6 Jan 2015

As an elected candidate you will be a spokesperson for the students of your school. To be elected you will have to convince the students of your abilities, your commitment and your ideas.

  • Your school has a set of rules for elections. You must follow these rules as a candidate.
  • A candidate can represent a party or stand as an independent.

A political party is a group of people with a set of shared beliefs whose purpose includes the election of candidates to a representative body. Parties may have:

  • a platform - a broad statement of the aims of the party
  • policies - proposals for putting the party's aims into practice
  • promises - commitments to take action if elected

Independent candidates do not belong to a party. They can make policy, platforms and promises on their own.

Advertising is used to tell the voters what your promises are and how to vote for you.

Think about:

  • fundraising - you may need to pay for your how-to-vote cards, posters and letters
  • letter drops - to tell the voters what you will do if you are elected
  • posters - to remind the voters when the election is on and who to vote for
  • meetings and rallies.