ACT Electoral Commission 'Check the Source' information campaign commences

Published 26 Jul 2020

The ACT Electoral Commission commenced its Check the Source information campaign for the 2020 ACT Legislative Assembly election, the ACT Electoral Commissioner, Mr Damian Cantwell AM said today.

“Electoral communication is an important part of the election process, enabling voters to appropriately inform themselves ahead of casting their vote,” Mr Cantwell said. “The Check the Source campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the need to consider and review the source of electoral communication so that voters can cast an informed vote at this ACT Legislative Assembly election.”

“Social media and online websites can be a quick and effective channel to spread electoral material. It is therefore very important that you check the source and review whether it can be considered reliable, current and safe”, Mr Cantwell said.

“The role of Elections ACT is to provide reliable information on how to enrol, how and where to vote and how to run as a candidate. This information can be found through our broad advertising campaign, the contact centre, Elections ACT social media accounts and the Elections ACT website” said Mr Cantwell. “The ACT Electoral Commission does not have a role in checking the truth of electoral communication”.

“Most electoral communications are required to be authorised to help you recognise the source of that information. This usually means either printing an authorisation statement on the material, or otherwise clearly identifying who has authored the material”, said Mr Cantwell.

“Electors are encouraged to take steps to check the source of the information they are reading or viewing in the lead up to the 2020 ACT Election”, Mr Cantwell concluded.

Further information on how to check the source can be found at