Financial disclosure compliance review report now available for viewing

Published 6 Nov 2017

The financial disclosure compliance review report in relation to gift reporting for the period September/December 2016, Annual returns for 2015/2016 and election returns for the 2016 ACT election, is now available for viewing, the ACT Electoral Commissioner, Damian Cantwell said today.

“The report was compiled by Callida Consulting who was contracted by the ACT Electoral Commission to undertake compliance reviews of financial records kept by ACT registered political parties, election candidates, third party campaigners and associated entities, in accordance with the ACT’s election funding and financial disclosure scheme,” Mr Cantwell said.

“The report outlines the outcome of the review of each electoral participant’s financial records and highlights any areas of non-compliance with the ACT’s financial disclosure scheme provisions. Issues that are considered significant matters of public interest have been published on Elections ACT’s website,  together with the review findings of the Commissioner and the reasoning behind any decision regarding sanctions.” Mr Cantwell continued.

The report and the Commissioner’s review findings can be inspected on Elections ACT’s Monitoring and compliance webpage.

Enquiries should be made to the office of the Electoral Commissioner on (02) 6205 0033 or to