Dawn Casey appointed as part-time Chairperson of the ACT Electoral Commission

Published 20 Apr 2017

“Ms Dawn Casey has been appointed by the Speaker Joy Burch MLA, on behalf of the Territory, as the part-time Chairperson of the ACT Electoral Commission, with effect from 20 April 2017,” the Acting ACT Electoral Commissioner, Mr Ro Spence said today.  

Ms Casey’s term of appointment is until 19 April 2022.

“Ms Casey has been appointed to replace Mr Roger Beale AO, whose appointment as Chairperson expired on 3 April 2017 following 10 years in the position. Mr Beale did not seek re-appointment,” Mr Spence said.  

Mr Spence paid tribute to the work of Mr Beale during those 10 years of service.  “Mr Beale’s careful consideration of issues and embrace of innovation significantly contributed to sound electoral administration in the ACT,” Mr Spence said.

Ms Casey previously served for over 6 years as the part-time member of the ACT Electoral Commission. 

“Ms Casey has over 14 years senior executive managerial experience in the Australian Public Service,” Mr Spence added.  “Ms Casey has worked across a number of portfolio agencies in government and has experience in service delivery, program management, policy development and organisational change."

The ACT Electoral Commission is an independent statutory authority comprising a Chairperson, the Electoral Commissioner and a part-time Member, with responsibility for the conduct of elections and referendums for the ACT Legislative Assembly, the determination of electoral boundaries for the ACT, and the provision of electoral advice and service.