Nomination period for candidates begins

Published 14 Sep 2012

The official start of the ACT election period today marks the opening of the ten day nomination period for candidates for the ACT Legislative Assembly election on 20 October.

“Candidates who wish to stand for the election must complete the nomination process before 12 noon on Wednesday, 26 September,” ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green said today.

“Early lodgement of nomination forms is recommended,” Mr Green said. “This will allow time for any problems to be identified and for a revised form to be submitted if necessary.”

Each candidate of a registered political party and each independent candidate must complete a nomination form and provide a $250 deposit to stand for election.

Independent candidates and candidates from non-registered parties must be nominated by 20 electors eligible to vote for the electorate they are contesting.

“Nominations will be declared on 27 September”, Mr Green said. “A random draw will be conducted for each electorate to determine the ballot paper positions for each registered party. A second draw will determine the Robson rotation starting point for candidates within each of the party columns and the ungrouped candidates.”

Eighty six candidates stood for the 17 positions in the Legislative Assembly in 2008: 60 males and 26 females. Seventy five candidates were from registered political parties, and eleven were ungrouped candidates.

Nine political parties are registered to contest the 2012 election. In 2008 eight political parties contested the election.

Today also marks one week before the close of the electoral roll. “Time is running out to enrol. If you have recently turned 18 or you are 17 and you will turn 18 on or before polling day you should enrol now. If you have changed address and haven’t updated your enrolment, please do it now,” Mr Green said.

Eligible citizens can enrol online and check if their enrolment is up to date at Enrolment forms are also available at any ACT Post Office, ACT electoral office, MyWay Centre or Canberra Connect.

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