Nomination period for candidates begins 12 September

Published 11 Sep 2008

Nominations open for candidates tomorrow, 12 September, for the forthcoming ACT Legislative Assembly election on 18 October.  This marks the opening of the ten day nomination period for the election.

“Candidates who wish to nominate must complete the nomination process before 12 noon on Wednesday, 24 September,” said ACT Electoral Commissioner Phil Green.

“Early lodgement of the nomination forms is recommended,” said Mr Green. “This will allow time for any problems to be identified and for a revised form to be submitted if necessary.”

Candidates of a registered political party and independent candidates must complete nomination forms and make a $250 deposit to be eligible to stand for election.

“Nominations will be declared on 25 September,” Mr Green said.  “A random draw will be conducted for each electorate to determine the ballot paper positions for each registered party. A second draw will determine the Robson rotation starting point for candidates within each of the party columns and the ungrouped candidates.”

Seventy seven (77) candidates stood for the 17 positions in the ACT Legislative Assembly in 2004: 45 males and 32 females. Sixty eight (68) candidates were from registered political parties, four (4) from non-party groups and five (5) were ungrouped candidates.

Nine (9) political parties have registered to contest the 2008 election, one less than in 2004 when ten (10) political parties and two (2) non-party groups contested the election.


Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner

More information about the 2008 ACT election can be viewed on the Commission's website at: