Reminder that anonymous electoral advertising is illegal

Published 15 Sep 2004

With the approach of the 16 October 2004 ACT Legislative Assembly election, the ACT Electoral Commission has reminded parties, candidates and interest groups that published electoral material must contain the name and address of the person responsible.

"Under the ACT's Electoral Act, any electoral material in printed, emailed or internet form should include the name and street address of the person who authorised the electoral matter," the ACT Electoral Commissioner Phil Green said today.

Electoral matter published for or on behalf of registered political parties or candidates for an election should also include the name of the party or candidate in the authorisation statement.

The penalty for failure to include an authorisation statement is $1000.

"The authorisation requirements are intended to ensure that material that might influence voters is clearly labelled with the name and address of the person or organisation responsible for publishing it. This is aimed at preventing irresponsibility through anonymity," Mr Green said.

There are some exemptions to the authorisation requirements. For example, campaign novelties such as T-shirts, lapel buttons, lapel badges, pens, pencils or balloons do not need to be authorised.

More detail on the authorisation requirements are on this website.

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner