New political parties registered for ACT elections

Published 30 Jul 2004

Free Range Canberra, the Harold Hird Independent Group and the Helen Cross Independents Group have been entered on the register of political parties for elections for the ACT Legislative Assembly, the ACT Electoral Commissioner, Phil Green, announced today.

Ten political parties are now registered for the 16 October 2004 ACT election.

A political party needs at least 100 members on the ACT electoral roll to qualify for registration. Registered political parties are able to list their party names on ballot papers and receive public funding of election campaigns.

"With applications now closed for new parties for the 2004 ACT election these ten registered parties are eligible to contest the election," Mr Green said. "In addition candidates may stand as independents or as non-party groups. Nominations for people wishing to stand for election open on 10 September," said Mr Green.

The ten parties are:

  • ACT Equality Party
  • Australian Democrats
  • Australian Labor Party, Australian Capital Territory
  • Christian Democratic Party ACT Division
  • Free Range Canberra
  • Harold Hird Independent Group
  • Helen Cross Independents Group
  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • Liberal Party of Australia (A.C.T. Division)
  • The ACT Greens

A full list of registered party details is available from the Commission, and can be viewed on the Commission's website.

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner