Federal and ACT electoral bodies working together on the 2004 October election

Published 7 Sep 2004

With electors in the ACT going to the polls on two consecutive Saturdays this October, the behind-the-scenes cooperation of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and the ACT Electoral Commission means most ACT electors will be able to vote at the same polling places on both election days.

The AEC's Australian Electoral Officer for the ACT, Mr Jeff Howarth said with the federal election day on Saturday 9 October and the ACT Legislative Assembly election day on Saturday 16 October, that the two electoral bodies responsible for running the elections were working closely together to ensure a smooth process for ACT electors.

"Most polling places will be at the same locations on both the Federal and ACT election days, and some savings will be made by using the cardboard voting screens and queuing equipment on both Saturdays." Mr Howarth said.

The ACT Electoral Commissioner, Mr Phil Green said that the two electoral bodies already had a well-established record of cooperation, but holding two election days so closely together had required special arrangements to meet the needs of ACT electors.

Voters for both elections are also being encouraged to update their electoral enrolment for both elections before the federal rolls close.

"With two close of rolls dates there was the potential for confusing electors, so the ACT Electoral Commission has delayed its advertising campaign until after the federal close of rolls at 8 pm, Tuesday 7 September 2004," Mr Green said.

Rolls for the ACT Legislative Assembly election close 10 days later on 17 September.

"A federal elector leaflet from the AEC is being distributed to every household in the ACT and will also include reference to the ACT Legislative Assembly election and provide contacts for further information," Mr Howarth said.

For more information on the 2004 federal election, electors should visit the AEC website at www.aec.gov.au or ring the AEC call centre on 13 23 26.

For further information on the 2004 ACT election, electors should visit the ACT elections website at www.elections.act.gov.au or call them on (02) 6205 0033.

Further information:

Australian Electoral Commission
Mr Jeff Howarth
Australian Electoral Officer for the ACT
Ph. 02 6249 7908
Mobile. 0401 140 672

Brien Hallett
Assistant Commissioner
Public Awareness, Media and Research
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Mobile. 0413 274 798

ACT Electoral Commission
Phillip Green
ACT Electoral Commissioner
Ph. 02 6205 0033