Canberra First Party voluntarily cancels registration as a political party for ACT Legislative Assembly elections

Published 31 May 2004

The Canberra First Party has been removed from the ACT Register of Political Parties after a request from the party's Secretary.

"When the registration of a party is cancelled, that party is ineligible for registration until after the next ACT Legislative Assembly election following the cancellation,"ACT Electoral Commissioner Phil Green said today.

The Canberra First Party was first registered on 10 September 2001. It stood four candidates in the electorate of Molonglo at the 2001 ACT Legislative Assembly election.

There are now seven political parties currently registered for ACT elections. A list of these parties is available from the Commission or can be viewed from the above link.

Anyone wishing to register a new political party has until 30 June 2004 to apply for registration for the 2004 ACT election.

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner