Casual vacancy count-back result: Ms Jacqui Burke to be elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly

Published 7 Feb 2003

Ms Jacqui Burke is set to replace Mr Gary Humphries in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

The final results of the count-back to fill the vacancy resulting from the resignation of Mr Gary Humphries from the ACT Legislative Assembly are attached.

Liberal Party candidate for Molonglo Ms Jacqui Burke received a majority of preferences after Mr Humphries' 15856 ballot papers were distributed by computer count this afternoon.

The attached tables set out the results of the count, showing at Table I the results of the distribution of the ballot papers, and showing at Table II the result in terms of the number of votes those ballots papers represent.

The computer count, which started shortly after 3 pm today, was completed in a few minutes. By contrast, the count to fill the vacancy in the previous Assembly following the resignation of Mrs Kate Carnell took 2 days to complete.

It is expected that Ms Burke will be officially declared elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly on Monday 10 February at 3.00 pm by the Electoral Commissioner, Phil Green.

Media representatives are welcome to attend the declaration of the poll. The declaration will be held at the office of the ACT Electoral Commission, at Plaza Level, Allara House, 48-56 Allara Street, Civic.

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner