ACT Legislative Assembly Electoral Boundaries Redistribution Commences Tomorrow

Published 7 May 2003

The 2003 redistribution of the ACT Legislative Assembly's electoral boundaries will officially commence tomorrow with a call for public submissions.

The ACT Legislative Assembly's electoral boundaries are to be re-examined in preparation for the 16 October 2004 ACT election.

The ACT Redistribution Committee is publishing an official notice tomorrow inviting suggestions for boundaries and names for the ACT's electorates. A copy of the notice will appear in the Canberra Times, The Chronicle and The Valley Voice, the ACT Electoral Commissioner, Mr Phillip Green, said today.

Any interested persons or organisations have until Thursday 5 June 2003 to make suggestions to the Redistribution Committee. Those suggestions will then be made available for public comment until Thursday 19 June 2003.

After considering the public submissions the Redistribution Committee will publish a proposed redistribution of the ACT into three electorates. People will then have 28 days in which to object to the proposed boundaries.

The Redistribution Committee consists of the Electoral Commissioner, Phillip Green; the ACT Planning Authority, Lincoln Hawkins; the Commissioner for Surveys, David Dobson; and the Regional Director, ACT Office, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Tracy Stewart.

One key requirement for the redistribution will be ensuring that electoral enrolments in the three electorates will be within a strict numerical range at the time of the next election. The ACT Electoral Commission is making electoral enrolment statistics available to the public for making submissions. The statistics and other more detailed information are available from the Electoral Commission's office at 48-56 Allara St, Civic, or from the links above.

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner