Election financial returns available

Published 8 Aug 2002

Financial disclosure returns relating to the 2001 ACT Legislative Assembly election have been released today, the ACT Electoral Commissioner, Mr Phillip Green, announced.

"Returns for the 2001 ACT Legislative Assembly election are available for public inspection at my office and on the Internet," Mr Green said.

The returns show:

  • details of election expenditure by parties and ballot groups;
  • details of expenditure made and donations received by candidates and non-party groups;
  • details of donors to candidates;
  • details of advertisements lodged with broadcasters and publishers; and
  • details of expenditure made by other interested groups and people during the election.

Anyone who wishes to view the returns may do so on the Internet at www.elections.act.gov.au or at the office of the Electoral Commission at Plaza Level, Allara House, 48-56 Allara St, Civic, which is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For enquiries, please phone 6205 0033. Copies of the returns may be purchased for a fee.

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner