Time running out for new political parties for next ACT election

Published 12 Jul 2001

Time is running out for anyone wishing to register a new political party for the coming Legislative Assembly election.

The acting ACT Electoral Commissioner, Alison Purvis, said today that there are nine political parties currently registered to contest the October 20 election.

Ms Purvis said that it was in the interests of any group intending to seek registration as a party to apply as soon as possible. The close of party registration on 13 September may seem a long way off, but a number of sometimes time-consuming processes must be completed before registration can be completed.

"Party registration can be completed in a number of weeks if all goes smoothly, but in some cases further information may need to be sought from a party and the process can be delayed," Ms Purvis said.

Following recent changes to party registration requirements by the Legislative Assembly it is no longer possible for parties to gain registration in the ACT by having an elected member in another Parliament in Australia.

"They must now demonstrate that they have 100 members who are on the ACT electoral roll," Ms Purvis said.

As part of the registration process, an advertisement is placed in the press, giving details of the party applying for registration, and inviting any member of the public, who believes there are reasons why the party should not be registered, to submit a written objection within 14 days.