ACT Legislative Assembly election - final results

Published 1 Nov 2001

With the completion of the distribution of preferences for the ACT Legislative Assembly election, the Electoral Commissioner, Mr Phil Green, today announced the names of those candidates to be elected to the Assembly to represent Canberra's three electorates.

Candidates to be elected, in the order in which they were successful in the count, are:


  • Brendan Smyth (Liberal Party)
  • John Hargreaves (Australian Labor Party)
  • Bill Wood (Australian Labor Party)
  • Steve Pratt (Liberal Party)
  • Karin MacDonald (Australian Labor Party)


  • Jon Stanhope (Australian Labor Party)
  • Bill Stefaniak (Liberal Party)
  • Wayne Berry (Australian Labor Party)
  • Roslyn Dundas (Australian Democrats)
  • Vicki Dunne (Liberal Party)


  • Gary Humphries (Liberal Party)
  • Kerrie Tucker (The ACT Greens)
  • Simon Corbell (Australian Labor Party)
  • Ted Quinlan (Australian Labor Party)
  • Katy Gallagher (Australian Labor Party)
  • Helen Cross (Liberal Party)
  • Greg Cornwell (Liberal Party)

The declaration of the poll will take place next Monday, November 5.

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner