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How to register a political party for ACT Legislative Assembly elections

Updated 6 Jan 2015

Elections ACT has produced a party registration guideline which is intended to summarise the electoral law relating to the registration of political parties in the ACT.


A political party is an organisation which has, as an object or activity, the promotion of the election to the Assembly of a candidate or candidates that it has endorsed. A full definition of a party, including requirements of a party name, can be found in the Electoral Act 1992, and the party registration guidelines.

Party registration ensures that the party's nominations for the ACT Legislative Assembly can be lodged in a block, that the party name or abbreviation can be printed on the ballot paper at election time and that candidates can appear under the party name in a dedicated column.

Each registered party is responsible for submitting annual and election returns outlining the party's expenditure, receipts and debts.

To register as a party, a completed application form, available from the Commission, must be lodged with the Commission, and must be accompanied by party membership details and a copy of the party's constitution. The Commission has set requirements for a party's constitution, details of which are in the guidelines.

An application for party registration, or an application to change the name or abbreviation of an already registered party or name/address of the registered officer, may be made at any time. However, to take effect at an election, an application must be made before 1 July in an election year.

More details can be obtained by viewing the guidelines, or contact Elections ACT for a printed version or if you require more information.