Ballot groups

Updated 6 Jan 2015

The following information is presented for historic reasons.

Changes to the Electoral Act 1992 passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly on 15 June 2001 allowed for the registration of "ballot groups". This provision was removed by the Assembly on 15 May 2004.

This provision allowed a sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly who was not a member of a registered party to form a registered ballot group. Ballot group registration ensured that the group's nominations for the ACT Legislative Assembly could be handled in a block, that the group name or abbreviation could be printed on the ballot paper at election time and that candidates could appear under the ballot group name in a dedicated column.

In the time that the Electoral Act 1992 allowed for ballot groups, 3 such groups were registered:

  • Dave Rugendyke;
  • Kaine Independent Group; and
  • Paul Osborne.

All three ballot groups were registered on 13 August 2001, and all were deregistered on 18 December 2001 as the sponsoring MLAs were no longer MLAs.