Australian Democrats Registration Cancelled in the ACT

Published 13 Sep 2007

The Australian Democrats, also known as the ACT Democrats, were removed from the ACT's register of political parties today, Acting Electoral Commissioner Alison Purvis has announced.

The Australian Democrats registration was cancelled as the Acting Electoral Commissioner considered on reasonable grounds that the party did not have at least 100 members who were electors.

Five parties remain registered and eligible to contest the next ACT Legislative Assembly election due to be held on 18 October 2008. They are:

  • Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch)
  • Free Range Canberra
  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • Liberal Party of Australia (A.C.T. Division)
  • The ACT Greens

Alison Purvis
Acting Electoral Commissioner

More information about the registration of political parties can be viewed on the Commission's website at: