Administrative funding

Updated 5 Apr 2017

Administrative funding is available to parties with representation in the Legislative Assembly and to non-party MLAs.

Administrative funding is paid at the rate of $20,000 per calendar year for each MLA, plus CPI increase beyond 2012. For example, if a party has 3 MLAs for the whole calendar year, the party is entitled to $60,000 (plus CPI increase). If an MLA is not an MLA for the whole of the year, then the amount payable is calculated according to the number of days in the year that the MLA was a MLA. 

The payment is made in quarterly instalments to the relevant party registered officer or non-party MLA. 

The indexed quarterly payment amount is published on the ACT Legislation Register before the start of each calendar year. The quarterly payment amount for 2016 was $5,410.82 per MLA.

The quarterly administrative funding for 2017 was published on the ACT Legislation register on 14 November 2016. The quarterly amount for 2017 is $5,480.96 per MLA.

Administrative funding can not be used to incur expenditure for an ACT, federal, state or local election.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Elections ACT on 02 6205 0033.