Going overseas?

Updated 28 Sep 2020

Going overseasAre you going to be overseas during the election?

Voting early

Voting is available to all ACT electors from 28 September through to 17 October 2020.

All ACT electors, including those heading overseas during the voting period, may cast a vote at any voting centre across Canberra.

Early voting centres will be open every day of the voting period across the ACT from 28 September through to 16 October 2020.

These voting locations will be open:

Saturday through Thursday - 9 am to 5 pm

Fridays - 9 am to 8 pm 

These same locations will be open on the final day of the voting period, 17 October 2020, along with additional single day locations spread out across the ACT.

I am heading overseas after 28 September

For electors in the ACT at any point during the voting period 28 September through to 17 October 2020, Elections ACT recommends visiting a voting centre in the ACT to cast a vote before you go.

I am already overseas

For electors in an overseas location during the voting period, an electronic voting service is available.

To be eligible to use the overseas e-voting service, electors must be in an overseas location at the time of voting. A declaration of this fact is required.

The overseas e-voting service is operational only during the voting period 9 am 28 September to 6 pm 17 October 2020 (AEDT). Note that the application stage of the voting process closes at 4pm on 17 October 2020 (AEDT).

A link to the overseas e-voting service and FAQ  information is available from the overseas e-voting webpage.

For electors who are already overseas, another option is to apply for a postal vote. However, under current COVID impacted conditions, the time required for the postal vote to be sent to an international location, completed on or before 17 October 2020 and returned to Elections ACT by the cut off date for the return of postal votes, Friday 23 October 2020, a postal vote is not the recommended voting service for electors overseas.

Click here to go to the oversea e-voting webpage Going overseas? button image