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Results for Molonglo Electorate

Updated 19 Jun 2014
A&nbsp &nbspPangallo Independents
LOMBARDO, Luciano3430.4%0.0
PANGALLO, Frank35134.0%0.3
THOMPSON, Phil3960.4%0.0
Group Total 42524.8%0.4
B&nbsp &nbspAustralian Labor Party
BARR, Andrew54956.2%0.5
BATES, Eleanor16251.8%0.1
CORBELL, Simon45905.2%0.4
CROSSMAN, Louise13791.6%0.1
GALLAGHER, Katy1393115.8%1.3
HETTINGER, Mike28223.2%0.3
MATHEWS, David20422.3%0.2
Group Total 3188436.1%2.9
C&nbsp &nbspCommunity Alliance
HOPPER, Alvin1320.1%0.0
SADDLER, Owen1510.2%0.0
SCHERGER, Nancy-Louise1350.2%0.0
VOGT, Norvan5860.7%0.1
Group Total 10041.1%0.1
D&nbsp &nbspRichard Mulcahy Canberra Party
ALLEN, Joanne1360.2%0.0
MULCAHY, Richard20572.3%0.2
O'NEILL, Ben1480.2%0.0
Group Total 23412.7%0.2
E&nbsp &nbspAustralian Motorist Party
CUMBERS, David4930.6%0.0
EVANS, Kim3560.4%0.0
GREEN, Stuart3610.4%0.0
LABURN, Angus2430.3%0.0
O'NEIL, Darren3100.4%0.0
ROWLAND, Stephen3220.4%0.0
SEDDON, Anthony3660.4%0.0
Group Total 24512.8%0.2
F&nbsp &nbspLiberal Democratic Party
McALARY, David3980.5%0.0
PINKERTON, David3760.4%0.0
Group Total 7740.9%0.1
G&nbsp &nbspThe Greens
KIRSCHBAUM, Elena32093.6%0.3
Le COUTEUR, Caroline33343.8%0.3
RATTENBURY, Shane956410.8%0.9
Group Total 1610718.2%1.5
H&nbsp &nbspCanberra Liberals
BARNIER, Belinda12491.4%0.1
BURKE, Jacqui15481.8%0.1
HANSON, Jeremy32783.7%0.3
JONES, Giulia22522.6%0.2
KENT, Gary16881.9%0.2
SESELJA, Zed1673919.0%1.5
WHITE, Clinton10541.2%0.1
Group Total 2780831.5%2.5
CROSS, Helen11201.3%0.1
FARRELL, Tony1720.2%0.0
TANNAHILL, Greg2020.2%0.0
TARANTO, Kerri1510.2%0.0
Group Total 16451.9%0.1
Formal Votes8826696.6% 
Informal Votes30853.4% 
Total Votes9135188.1% 
Electorate Enrolment103719   

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