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2008 ATSIEB election

Updated 19 Jun 2014

An election was conducted to elect 7 members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body for the ACT.

Election Timetable

Key dates for the 2008 election  
Election start day (Candidate nominations opened) 26 May 2008
Electoral rolls closed 5pm 4 June 2008
Nominations closed 12 noon 10 June 2008
Nominations for candidates declared 12 noon 11 June 2008
Order of ballot paper decided After nomination declaration
Voting started 16 June 2008
Last voting day 21 June 2008
Counting of votes commenced 1 July 2008
Election declared 2 July 2008

List of Candidates

The candidates names in the order they appeared on the ballot paper were:

  • Les COE
  • Terry WILLIAMS
  • Violet SHERIDAN
  • Lynette GOODWIN
  • Lee-anne DALEY
  • Ruth BELL
  • Dianne COLLINS
  • Roslyn BROWN
  • Rod LITTLE
  • Jason OAKLEY
  • Paul HOUSE
  • Tracey HARRIS

Successful candidates

The successful candidates in the order in which they were successful are:

  • Rod Little
  • Dianne Collins
  • Paul House
  • Fred Monaghan
  • Terry Williams
  • Lynette Goodwin
  • Roslyn Brown

Current MLA's

List of current Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly.


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